Jewelry Show Doha DJWE

Jewelry Show in Doha Jewelry and Watches Exhibition

Jewelry Show Doha DJWE is surely one of the most important and luxurious fairs of Jewelry and Watches in the world. Last February 23-27 from New York I flew to Qatar to participate in the amazing Doha Jewelry and Watches Exhibition.

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Jewelry Show Doha DJWE is in its 13th edition and since the first year it has had a new amazing exhibiting space, the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre (DECC). As you know it’s not the first time I have been to Doha. To see all my posts click on (Doha). I have already done a post about Doha Jewelry and Watches Exhibition where I talked of my desire to take part in this beautiful and really luxurious fair. I was coming back from Doha when on the plane I found the article you see in the photo, I stuck it to the wall in my office and decided that one of my next objectives would be to work with the luxury fair. Done =) I am so happy to have taken part and discovered a new world: the world of jewels.

The Jewelry Show in Doha is something incredibly elegant. It didn’t seem like being in a fair but in a film. At the entrance to the Jewelry Show, in the centre of the central pavilion, there was a piano being played by a famous pianist. All around numerous were Arab style sofas and waiters dressed in traditional costumes offering famous Arabian tea. In time with the notes of the pianist walked incredibly elegant women, Arab princesses and men buying jewels and precious watches.

Jewelry Show Doha DJWE here below are some photos

The exhibitors: Boucheron, Jacob& Coen,Tudor, Rolex, Chanel, Cartier, Chopard, Bvlgary, Ivanka Trump, Valsecchi, David Webb, Busatti Milano, Chatila, are just some of the exhibitors of this incredibly rich fair.

The light given off by the jewels and precious stones like diamonds was blinding and attractive, so attractive that I begged my Arab friend every night to buy me the Rolex with diamonds (he didn’t buy it but I hope he will in future) Diamonds, diamonds and diamonds, I have never seen so many diamonds all together, gold, precious stones, amazing watches… I was day dreaming for five days from the 23rd to the 27th of February.

I met splendid people like Roldy Arrouk of Fifty One East who gave me hours of his precious time explaining to me the collections of Boucheron, Tudor, Rolex, Chanel and Pasquale Bruni. The team of Doha Jewelry and Watches Exhibition Tulip, Andoni organised the fair incredibly efficiently. On my arrival in one of the most prestigious Hotels in Doha, I found a super technological and innovative board. The board was in leather and you could attach your iPad and charge it with a special cable connected to the battery inside the board which was also equipped with a notepad and a pen. You can see the photo of the technological gif here..

Unfortunately I missed the Gala evening of the 22nd of February (I arrived on the 23rd) but it must have been wonderful because people are still talking about it.

I will publish other photos of my experience in Doha with the single brands of the fair. I FELL IN LOVE WITH loads of Arab, Italian and American brands: I can’t wait to share the photos with you (what you see here is just a little taste)

Below there is other information on the Doha Jewelry and Watches Exhibition

A significant number of new exhibitors, from Qatar, KSA, France, Germany, Italy and Australia took part in this year’s edition. The Jewelry Show in Doha is a notable de luxe event that gathered exhibitors from over 27 countries and over 500 brands.

Qatar is undoubtedly the pre-eminent location in which to appreciate the highest quality of products” said Mr. Hamad Al Abdan, Head of Exhibitions of QTA.

And I haven’t any doubt about it.

The Jewelry Show in Doha DJWE was organized by the Qatar Tourism Authority, in association with Fira Barcelona, QTA and ELAN.

Discover what is new in comparison with the last edition:

  • Where did the fair take place? DJWE was exhibited at Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre, a superb space of 29,000 square meters, an increase of 16 percent over the 2015 edition.
  • Do you love pearls and watches? For the first time Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition will feature a dedicated route for an unmatched experience
  • Do you know how jewelry is made? For the first time the Jewelry Show in Doha DJWE gave the opportunity to view live creation workshops by experienced master craftsmen and learn how to create your own pieces.

Discover what is unique:

  • Would you like to do shopping? Unique among the world’s jewelry trade shows, the Jewelry Show in Doha DJWE permits exhibitors to sell directly to the public
  • Don’t you know the quality of your stones? Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition offers free gem assessment provided by the International Gemological Institute, the DJWE’s laboratory and education partner
  • What are the prices? The Jewelry Show in Doha DJWE showcases high-end collections, meanwhile maintaining a range of more affordable pieces so there is something for every budget

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