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Chinchilla fur vest photos of PT Artisti Elena Furs worn by Lady Fur in Shanghai during Shanghai Fashion Week 2016

Chinchilla fur vest the must-have item for your wardrobe, (if you love furs like me). Before starting this post dedicated to my passion for “chinchilla fur vest” let me say I love this shooting! We took these amazing photos in Shanghai during Shanghai Fashion Week 2016. Soon Elle Italy will share the video about the whole fashion week. I will share the link also on my blog in “press area”. I have written many times about my passion for chinchilla coats.

About this amazing chinchilla fur vest, the brand is PT Artisti Elena Furs  a Greek Luxury brand based in Kastoria in the city that I love to call “the fur city”. I will be in Kastoria next week. Follow me on Snapchat take in the photo my QR code.snapchat-2

I have already done many many posts full of beautiful chinchilla fur photos on my blog I will list them here:

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5 Air of freedom in Chinchilla (OMG I love this post it’s old but it’s one of my favourites) click here

6 Yellow Chinchilla Coat (I’m totally not proud of this post I was really different it was 2013 and I was not professional like now =) click here 

7 Sleeping in Chinchilla Fur ( hahaha I laughed when I read, and see my past posts also in this case the post is so old please don’t judge me) click here

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Photos of Chinchilla Fur Vest PT Artisti Elena Furs

Here below you will find all photos took in Shanghai of the amazing Chinchilla fur vest

chinchilla_fur_vest_photo1 chinchilla_fur_vest_photo3

PT Artisti Elena Furs some information about this cool Greek brand

As I already wrote above PT Artisti Elena Furs is a leading Fur Company located in Kastoria, Greece. It was founded in the nineteen sixties in Frankfurt, Germany. In 1974 it moved to Kastoria, Greece. PT Artisti Elena Furs enjoys an excellent reputation as one of the leading Greek/Kastorian fur manufacturing companies worldwide that are recognized by the most important dealers in the international fur industry.  If you go to Kastoria for vacation for fur shopping I advise you to stop inPT Artisti Elena shop, it is so beautiful. If you follow me from 5 to 9 May on Snapchat you will see it because I will be there

chinchilla_fur_vest_photo5 chinchilla_fur_vest_photo7 chinchilla_fur_vest_photo8 chinchilla_fur_vest_photo9 chinchilla_fur_vest_photo10 chinchilla_fur_vest_photo11

I have written e a short guide about Chinchilla fur vest and Chinchilla Furs I know it could sound a bit crazy but it is important to understand what behaviour to have with chinchilla furs.

The Chinchilla Furs Guide by Lady Fur – Things  to do and not do when you wear chinchilla

1 Never smoke when you wear your fur because it will absorb all the terrible smell

2 Don’t spray perfume like crazy before leaving your home. Spray the perfume on your body, not on the chinchilla or you will dirty the delicate hair of your fur

3 Chinchilla is really delicate, the shape of a chinchilla is really harmonic so if you sit please move the chinchilla from your behind. Don’t sit on your chinchilla.

4 If you have to do a long journey don’t put it in a bag crushed by thousands of other clothes. Bring it in a different bag

5 When you bring your chinchilla in a bag, fold it inside out so that the hair brushes against the hair.

6 Don’t take too much sun with chinchilla or you will damage the beautiful colour.

7 Don’t leave your chinchilla in spring and summertime in the wardrobe but bring it or them to your furrier.

8 Love your chinchilla because the better you treat it and the longer it will last in time.

9 Clean your Chinchilla when it looks a little bit dirty (bring it to a furrier or where you bought it) it will come back as beautiful as before.

10 Don’t leave your chinchilla in the wardrobe of hairstylist, or restaurant because somebody could try to steal it.


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Dress: Sveta Photos: Mattia Guolo

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