Busatti Milano butterfly ring

busatti butterfly ring opera

Busatti Milano butterfly ring is the jewel that every woman would like to receive for Saint Valentine’s

The Busatti Milano butterfly ring, here are some details of the stupendous jewel that has got me going crazy.

The wings of the Busatti Milano butterfly ring are in resin, they are hand cut and that’s a job that calls for a high level of mastery. Even the stones are set by hand with a very delicate technique. The diamonds of the body of the butterfly are “oval cut” whilst those on the wings are “full cut”. Obviously the ring is entirely made in Italy. This jewel expert information was given to me by the founders of OPERA the site where I got the jewel. Clicking here you will find photos of the Busatti Milano butterfly ring.

Butterflies have always been a source of inspiration in every field. From the famous “Madama Butterfly”, the sweet geisha that gave life to Giacomo Puccini’s stupendous opera, to the most banal excuse of the gentlemen of the past who attracted innocent maids into their love nest with the promise of showing them imaginary “butterfly collections”.

Now the times have changed: seduced and abandoned maids no longer commit suicide, luckily, they may cry a little as they run to Facebook to change their “status” and today’s courters (the real ones) offer strawberries and champagne, but the appeal of the colours of the wings of a butterfly remains invaried.

That’s what I discovered visiting  OPERA Italian Attitude an online shop window of exclusively only luxury Italian jewelry brands. There were gold jewels and diamonds sculpted stupendously everywhere, but there SHE was, a beautiful butterfly with resin wings covered with precious stones that an expert goldsmith sculpted into a ring and it seemed she was waiting just for me.  I couldn’t resist and under the dazed eyes of my friends I ordered it. Before such beauty I would challenge anyone to contradict the fact that for a butterfly of this type you could end up doing something stupid.

In the photo I am wearing the Busatti Milano butterfly ring a sable vest by Christian Ghielmetti.

Aren’t fur and jewels the best match possible? It could seem banal but it isn’t. Matching super quality fur with luxury jewels is certainly something that few people in the world can afford. It seems a dream come true, for years I had dreamt of matching my sable fur with a jewel of the same importance.


busatti_butterfly_ring 4

I would like to give special thanks to two guys who opened up a new world to me: the owners of OPERA Italian Attitude, the only site in the world that proposes extreme luxury made in Italy jewels and offers made to measure services to clients like personalizing jewels. Their site is a real luxury shop window able to inspire and make dream not only women but anyone with a passion for jewelry.

To conclude: if anyone wanted to give me a jewel for Saint Valentines this is the site of  OPERA

Photo: Raisoull Satyam Rai 

Make up: Elena Donati


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