Best shopping in Doha

Where is the best shopping in Doha? Unbelievably I actually live in the best shopping place in Doha I’m so lucky: the name of the shopping place is The Pearl Qatar and the area is Porto Arabia.

Arabian chic people usually call Porto Arabia: The Arabian Riviera.

Best shopping in Doha is at The Pearl it is also written in one of my favorite magazine Forbes read this article and they are always RIGHT.

The Pearl Qatar in particular Porto Arabia is the best shopping place if you are looking for fashion luxury brands:  Lancel, Etro, Georg Jensen, Dsquared2, Rene Caovilla, Santoni, Stefano Ricci these are just a part of the many shops. For example in the photos I’m at Dsquared2 boutique and if you take a look in my previous post I was at Santoni. There are also multi brand shops like DNA that I really like.

Some of you asked me:

At The Pearl are there Fur Shops? Do Arabian people buy furs? Do shops also sell furs or winter clothes?

Yes there is one fur shop and other shops that sell some pieces with furs. A lot of Arabian people do buy furs because they travel a lot and wear furs when they go to cold places.

About the photos you see above in this post I’m at a JAZZ RESTAURANT

After a long morning of intensive shopping ( best shopping of the month) I went to eat in a new place that is is exactly under my tower. Also in this case I have to admit that I’m really lucky:)  At the Pearl there are 31 luxury towers. The towers face the port that hosts extreme luxury yachts. Look at the map here. Isn’t that really cool?

The Pearl Qatar

Right under my tower there is a new local Jazz Restaurant, it is called URBAN JAZZ KITCHEN where you can have dinner, lunch and listen to live music or with iPad. I went to eat there with my lovely friend Harriet. I arrived 20 minutes early and I listened to some music with headphones and my Ipad sitting on the balcony. See my photos above.

The best shopping in Doha 2
Lady Fur shopping at Dsquared2 Boutique at The Pearl Qatar Porto Arabia
The best shopping in Doha 4
Shopping at Dsquared2 boutique Porto Arabia The Pearl Qatar

The best shopping in Doha 1

I ate like a queen. If you go to Doha I suggest you pop by the Jazz Restaurant.

Follow me because I have 6 other posts about Doha. Doha is and will be my second home.

In the photos I am wearing Etro gym shoes,  Missoni Dress, Dsquared glasses in the shop, Giancarlo Petriglia bag,  Renat Fourres key ring

Lady Fur

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fur blogger lady fur

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