Creamy Mami is the child within me. She is my inspiration.

During men’s fashion week I wore clothes I really believed in like the vest with Creamy that I had painted by Camila, a Chilean illustrator, the pink dress with unicorn by Manoush (from two seasons ago) and the Moschino bag with stones.

I bought the glasses from Antonia, I am not crazy about them, or rather I liked them a lot in the shop but once I wore them, less. I bought them in a moment of emotional stress ( NEVER GO INTO A SHOP IF YOUARE DOWN because many of you will probably buy the wrong thing)

Do you remember the photo with the violet fox fur? I uploaded in two years ago. One of the first on my blog.  

Anyway street style photographers liked this look a lot: it ended up on,, Grazia and fashion blogs.  (Soon I will upload the photos of the magazines on the press)

Often we feel more secure wearing clothes from the latest collections of the big brands neglecting the real personal taste that we all have inside us and that in reality is what makes us different and sometimes unique.

Listening to ourselves is fundamental.

Looking inside ourselves as well. ladyfur_creamymamigirl

Miao Miao

Lady Fur

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