In bath with elegance


I adore these photos … Jana took these shots of me at the hotel while I was in a bath covered with foam and bubbles.

I was exhausted, tired and also desolate because I had just received bad news by email (about love) from a boy that I really liked a lot (It had been years since I felt a strong attraction towards someone). Anyways, back from the party of Kopenhagen Fur (very beautiful, soon you will see the video), I opened a bottle of champagne, filled the bathtub with hot water and I got in.

For those who follow me and know my history, they know that fur is my source of energy. Not being able to wearing it, I put on a mask made of fox fur.

The heat of boiling water and the real fox mask made me immediately feel better. They almost instantly made the pain of rejection disappear, and motivated me to jump back into my work, which is one thing which always gives me great satisfaction.

It is a small personal outlet for me.

In my life, I feel like I am always at war. For years and years, I have been constantly struggling to succeed, me against the world, so that I can realize my dreams and bring great joy into my life. I have lived alone since my parents separated. I have been through hard times but I have always landed on my feet, stronger than ever.

Unfortunately, I’ve always had a very bad habit of bottling up my emotions inside which has tended to compound my suffering.


I am happy with myself, but sometimes I feel lonely. Luckily Dario, my best friend, is always there for me <3 <3 <3 not to mention my grandmother with whom I have such a strong bond that it seems we are one person! <3

After the bath, and two endless phone calls on skype with my grandmother and Dario (Lord Fur), the following morning I worked like a champion!

I felt better, more relaxed and at peace. Sometimes to vent, cry, and despair are good for the soul! Never keep everything inside! Lesson learned!

Fox Mask: Kopenhagen Fur

Photos: Jana Anhalt 

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