Fur Excellence in Athens 2015 : great news.


Fur Excellence in Athens 2015, the International Fur Fair new partnership.

One of the things I love most to do on my blog is to add categories of “travel“. Each of them represents a milestone or rather a new starting point on which to build a story.

The category that I am adding today with infinite pleasure, inaugurating with this first post, is ATHENS!

I can not describe my joy in informing you of my new partnership with the International Fur Fair of Athens.

Greece is the heart of my fur sector. Personally I am very attached to the Greek brands and their history: I’m really looking forward to starting and meeting the manager and the team of the Athens Fur Fair.

Fur Excellence in Athens will be held March 24 to 27.

It is not a classic fair. The calendar is full, rather, full of events. The start will be given by a large Gala party. Following numerous fashion fur shows and a contest with a hundred designers, not to mention the interviews and much more.

I will be arriving on 23 and from the evening will start to share with you what will be another incredible adventure.

MY team and I will make a video that will tell my experience at the show and of course we will shoot a lot of fur photos.

See you soon


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