Vintage Market South fur coat

Dear Fur Lovers

Last weekend I went to the Vintage Market South  .

Despite the fact that here ( Miami Beach ) there are around 30 degrees, it is very hot and very humid  … Almost all the stalls sold fur coats, fur jackets , fur collars , of many kinds of furs chinchilla, sable , fox , mink .

It was incredible , really , I thought I might see everything but not fur coats and  not real maybe fake fur coats.

But the short story does not finish here , In these days I'm taking street style photos of people that are in Miami , despite the high   temperature people here wear mongolian jilt , fox stoles , shoes with fox, bags with fur ….

I love Miami for many reasons but one of the most important is that in Miami people do what they do…. the temperature , the location doesn't matter

They do what they feel like doing … It is a free place … A little crazy maybe =)

With Love

Lady Fur

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