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Fur with hood. Match a black mink fur with a hood like the one you see in the photo is very simple.

The fur with a hood that you see in the photo is the most loved model of Russian women.

For Russians, furs must have a hood.

I admit that even I, and I am very Italian, even if many mistake me for Russian, love furs with enormous hoods. The bigger they are, the softer and more embracing they are, the better.

I matched fur with a hood to XXL wool jumpers, high waisted blue jeans, patent lolita style shoes with wool socks (I also wore them in this post).

It’s a very comfortable look for facing a day full of commitments (shows, events, meetings, business dinners).

When to wear fur with hood

The style of this fur is very simple, you can wear it on different occasions, both during the day and in the evening with elegant dresses. Initially, I wanted to shoot them with a very long blue skirt, but then as I didn’t have time we decided to shoot it with the day outfit. Maybe it was better because I think that this is a very realistic fur outfit.

Where can I find a fur with a hood like the one in the photo?

I bought the fur with hood from Lagori since 1944, a historical Milanese furrier (the oldest in Milan, it’s in the fur history books). Lagori Furrier is in the heart of Milan at the crossroads between Corso Manzoni Via Gerolamo Morone 3. It is an artisan workshop. Inside the shop, there is a little laboratory with expert tailors that create and remake furs.

Some information on fur with hood

The fur is made of mink, the skins are extremely high quality, they are Blackglama mink. I call them velvet mink because the hair is really soft and looks like velvet.

I love this fur with hood because it has removable feather sleeves. As I often change my mind the possibility to take off the sleeves is great.

How much can a mink fur with a hood like this cost?

The price of a fur as I always say varies depending on the quality of the skins, where they come from their production and the brand.

The fur you can see in the photo is very high quality, it is handmade in Italy and the skins are certified Blackglama. Fur like this costs on average costs about eleven thousand euros. If you have old furs at home I advise you to have them valued by a trusted furrier and buy a new one. Read this post about how to sell the grandma fur

In this photo, I am in Copenhagen, in front of Le Magasin, one of my favourite malls in the Danish capital. As you know I love flowers, roses, tulips, orchids – I love all types of flowers. Before starting the day full of shows Jana, my photographer, and I, went to buy flowers from the florist in front of le Magasin =)

In Copenhagen, I have done two videos for Elle.it and one for my blog, I can’t wait to publish them in these days.

Photos of fur with hood

fur hoods.4
flowers copenhagenfur with hood lady fur copenhagenfur with hood fur with hood lady fur mink jacketsam_feb16cph866ssam_feb16cph867sfur hoods.7lady furlady fur copenhagen fur hoods.2jpg

Photos: Jana Anhalt Fur: Lagori Sweater: Miahatami

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