Tsoukas Bros


COOL, RICH, SUPER SEXY that’s how I felt today at the fair wearing a best quality sabel by Tsoukas Bros.

I have no idea how many furs I tried today, what I do know is that I will have to earn lots of money to be able to afford to buy them!

Sable furs by Tsoukas Bros are indescribable. I never wanted to take it off. Sable furs shine like diamonds.

As soon as I entered the stand, there it was! click here to see the model

I found it straight away! A model that was tight at the waist how I like it, like a doll, really waisted, with a flared skirt with vertical work…A dream!

Maybe soon in the bank, instead of depositing money for my pension I will start a fund for buying a Tsoukas Bros fur😉

But there would be no problem if that were the only fur to attract my attention…

The same model in Blackglama mink is another great dream.

Soft as velvet, light as a feather it slides on your skin, following the line of your body enhancing it to the utmost….

Blackglama minks are of the highest quality and so soft and light that they seem like velvet. And these are the very characteristics that make them unmistakable!

I still think that women who don’t like furs ( those who are against fur) or who have never worn it don’t know what they are talking about or don’t have the money to buy them!

I spoke to you about Tsoukas Bros but really I saw and tried many FABULOUS furs.

I will talk to you about this more widely tomorrow because my first day at the fair was really intense.

Good night 🙂

PS : this was the post that I should share last night =)=)


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  • Hi S

    I came across you on instagram and have been reading your blog with LOVE in my heart for about a year! However I was compelled to write to you regarding this post as I feel so much of what you do when we wear fur. I can see you get the same goose bumps and inward feelings of comfort when you are touching and trying on furs as I do from your photos and videos. The video where you are amongst all the hanging skins at sagafurs… well let’s just say you are living the life and the dream I would love to have lived. I studied textile design at university and fabrics especially natural winter fabrics like wool, tweed, alpaca, cashmere, angora and of course fur have always inspired me and touching them has given me relaxation and comfort! But I wasn’t brave enough to follow my dream as you were and now I’m a personnel manager in a large firm which is dull!

    Anyway back to your post. Those sables are fabulous. I long to be able to afford a luxurious Russian sable coat. But I know what i’m like.. I’d not be happy with one i’d want another and another… different styles etc. I kinda feel I could never own enough fur! Well unless I was a billionaire and did not have to concern myself with money! I tried saving for a sable but got to about £2500 and ended up using the money for other handbags and furs! I dont have the willpower to save for the 8 or 9 years I’d need to. The prob is I could get one off ebay but no… fur ir more to me than that. I’d want the whole experience and indulgence of trying many on… then within weeks i’d want another and i’d be in this same position… so i’ve kinda resided myself to the fact sable is beyond me!

    That said I still lust over it. You ask the question how can any girl not like fur? I really do not know the answer to that because like you I feel it is the ultimate in femininity! Nothing makes me feel more feminine, glamorous, comfortable, relaxed, powerful, sexy, even bitchy than wearing fur! I almost feel above women who choose to be against fur when I wear it! What I mean by that is they must be so stupid as to believe all the PETA propaganda of animals skinned alive, or like you say they simply cant afford it and are jealous of us who can (which makes me feel good to be me). I think there are plenty girls out there who would wear fur but dont have the guts to because they are scarred of not being politically correct. I pitty these girls as they are obviously not strong in their own minds. Lastly though the girls that really annoy me are the ones who stand there in leather shoes and a handbag, wearing cosmetics tested on animals and telling me wearing fur is awful and then go out and eat a burger from MacDonald’s!!!!

    Anyway… that’s my views! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that sable on you and adore the way you describe its touch and feel. I hope we can talk more on instagram and on here when you get a min! Even feel free to email me if you want to really talk more!

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