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The term fur encases its own world unknown to the masses.

First you have to consider the different types of fur, colours and techniques.

Mink, sable, chincilla, fox, lynx, Mongolian, marten are just some of the best known furs.

Regarding colour it has to be said that fashion today often imposes colourings that are not present in nature that are obtained during the tanning procedure. It must also be said that the skin is in no way damaged keeping both the consistancy and the brightness unchanged.

For the working techniques it’s much more complex.

First it’s importamt to say that in the last years there has been a real revolution in this field.

Look at the mix of different skins, fox for example lends itself easily to workings with Mongolian or with mourmasky. Or, fur techniques on tulle or silk to make the clothing much more ductile and lighter, usable, maybe, also in summer.

And then, to obtain models of maximum wearability the substitution of a skin like Persian Swakara with xiangao with its characteristic shaved skin.

And still about techniques we now have to analyze skin by skin where each fur comes from and the most suitable technique.

Sable fur is considered the most precious. The best is certainly the Russian one (“sobol”). There is also a much less select variant known as marten that comes from Canada.

The whole skin is used. The horizontal one is also notable where python inserts are used, between the frills, to make the clothes lighter.

Its natural colour is brown with slightly white tips. Currently, lighter tones are being used (powder, gold or mouse) obtained by discolouration. For example the fur that I am wearing in the photos is a blue coloured sable.


Mink fur is more or less thick (this does not effect the value) depending on where it is from. The most select, and also the most expensive, are Black-glama that come from the Great Lakes area (USA and Canada). Their characteristic is short hair that makes the coat nearly shaved. To work with mink whole skins are used for both horizontal and vertical ones. For the latter sides and back are usually matched to enhance the effect. To see all my outfits with mink furs click here. Danish mink coming from Kopenhagen Fur is also very beautiful.

Not forgetting chincilla fur that has a very striking soft black and white coat. Its only imperfection is that it is very delicate due to its very thin hide: both when working with it and when using it it is necessary to be very careful to avoid annoying lacerations. To see all the posts with chincilla fur click here

And finally lynx, another fur of rare beauty. When working with lynx you have to consider some very important elements, discarding the darker parts (on the side and back) favouring the stomach, the only part of the animal that can gives that gorgeous white colour with small dotting.


My advice when buying a fur is to go to a trusted furrier that can advise you well and give you guarantees and follow you after purchase. Or if you go to a big department store or shop check where the fur comes from.

Don’t stop at your first choice, continue to try and to search, search and try, until you are convinced you have made the best choice.

Many of you send photos of furs before or after you sell them to ask my opinion :):) Just yesterday I got an email from an important New York lawyer who asked my advice on buying a sable for his fiancé. Thank you for always involving me. I always answer you all, even if late at times.

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The question of price has several sides to it. Even if apparently two skins can seem similar this is impossible. The price of a fur is influenced by various elements: the origin of the skins certifies its quality, colour, brand, amking and finish.

Unknown brands and ones of dubious origin could draw you in. A price that is too low could hide pitfalls.

Trust made in Italy and a known and appreciated stylist, they can give you the right guarantees and the certainty that you have brought home the fur of your dreams.

I hope that this post has been useful. Here are some photos shot during a weekend in St Moritz.

fursst moritzdetails of fur sable st moritz lady fur_MG_2794lady fur sable fur coat

One of my favourite shops in St Moritz BERETTA (full of casual but elegant clothng like jumpers with collars in fur, gilets, mountain jackets with fur etc)

I have made a video for Radio Chik Monte Carlo inside the shop where I interviewed the owner click here to see it

The sable fur that I am wearing is made in Italy and is by Christian Ghielmetti

_MG_2890_MG_2906 _MG_2895 _MG_2898 _MG_2900 _MG_2902 _MG_2904 _MG_2905beretta

The skirt and the top are by American Vintage

You can find the ankle boot shoes  click here


To see all the posts done in St Moritz click here


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