Greetings from Shanghai

manzoni 24

In this post I am in Shanghai to fulfill my duty as patroness of the fashion and textile fair Chic Shanghai 2018 the biggest and most influential in Asia.

For the first day, the most important, I wore a look by Manzoni 24. A few days ago on my blog click here to read the post  I had already spoken widely about this outwear brand.

To be sure to have a beautiful light we shot the photos at 6 in the morning also because at that time Shanghai seems deserted. Usually the Bund is full of people and it’s unthinkable to do a shoot in that chaos.

The light at dawn is very beautiful, it softens everything, makes photos romantic. I think it’s the perfect time to enhance the colors of the coat in powder with the collar in blackcross mink by Manzoni 24.

At 8 in the morning we had the first meeting at the fair so the time for shooting was really minimal but luckily it was enough to take the photos (we also made a video click here to see it). I don’t know why but strangely I am more motivated to shoot when time is short. Call me mad,  stacanovista, workaholic? I don’t know, I just know I really enjoyed myself.

I was lucky enough to be put up at the Fairmont Peace Hotel that is right in front of the Bund where we did the photos.

There was practically no-one, Matteo, me and very few Chinese. It was very beautiful.

In the photos I am wearing: cashmere coat with blackcross mink collar, wool jumper byManzoni 24, trousers from Maison Albino and Manolo Blahnik shoes

Goodbye Dears

ciao =)

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