Spring has arrived (Two pieces of advice in regards to fur)


Milan is beautiful, it’s 20 degrees, flowers are blossoming everywhere such as pink magnolia, also cherry pink flowers, just lots and lots of pink. Pink is my favorite color, I like all of the various shades as they transmit lots of positivity and tranquility.

Yesterday before going to the event of Costume National for Clio Renault, I went to eat an ice cream with Matteo and used it as an opportunity to shoot two photos in the wild cherries by my house.

I think that the moment has arrived to change wardrobes.


I’ll have to bring all of my beloved furs (only the heavy ones), to cool in the cavoux, I recommend that you do not leave your furs in the closet to suffer in the heat.

If you bring them to your trusted furriers, they will also clean them for you. If you need any contacts, please do not hesitate to ask me.

And in the case in which the model of last year’s winter fur you no longer like, ask to a fur designer that can make you a different garment from the same model. Do not abandon your furs on the back burner.

Fur has a value, and don’t you ever forget it!!

lady_fur_milan welovefur_lady_fur_pink pink_flowers_lady_fur


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