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September October: Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Weeks

October: Doha and Dubai

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– From January to today –

26 December – 6 January I started the year in Doha in Qatar working with The Pearl the most beautiful and richest of Qatar.

1 – 6 February Copenhagen. I took part in the Copenhagen Fashion Week making a video for Elle Italy as special correspondent and for Imagine Talents show dedicated to young designers organized by Kopenhagen Fur

10 – 19 February  New York Fashion Week 

22 – 28 February Doha  I worked with Doha Jewelery and Watches Exhibition

2 – 5 March Milan  I took part in Mifur creating a special project for Mifur and Modem Online

14 – 19 March Shanghai Special project with Chic the most influential fair of all Asia

23 – 24  March Basel in Switzerland for Basel World

31 March – 2 April Athens Special project with Fur Excellence in Athens where I was the judge of the show organized by Nafa and the Hellenic fur association

5 – 11 April Shanghai for the show of Kopenhagen Fur. I will did a video of the whole Shanghai Fashion Week as fashion video reporter for Elle Italy.

It’s the third year in a row that I will take part in  Shanghai Fashion Week and the second year in a row that I will make video for Elle Italy as special correspondent abroad.

17 – 19 April I  Chicago  for a special project connected to Instagram with Iloe Fair.

12-13-14-15 Montreal for a special super secrete project

26 May -30 June Doha Qatar

23- 29 June Copenhagen

August – Monaco, Cannes, Saint Tropez, Sanremo, Como Lake, Prali and Porto Fino


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