The Top Lot Video interview with Ms. Fang Linping

Dear Fur lovers

With great pleasure I share a very interesting video for fur lovers: an interview with Ms. Fang Linping the buyer of Top Lot of female stardust mink.

The top lot was sold at the modest sum of 3600 DKK = 483.12 EUR per skin.

“The Top Lot was sold at the modest sum of 3600 DKK”

If you’re wondering what  Ms. Fang will do with  the Top Lot … you just need to watch the video!

Ms. Fang Linping has been in the world of fur for 17 years, with her husband she has four extreme luxury shops named Parodis Fur positioned in major shopping malls in Beijing.

Chinese Aquacentre ‘Elitè  supplies from her.

I had the pleasure of meeting her and her husband on the occasion of their visit to Milan with the executive class of MBA in Beijing organized by Kopenhagen Fur. I was immediately struck by the elegance and class of this beautiful woman.

Most likely I will meet her soon in Beijing for Fashion Week …
Enjoy the video
miao miao
Lady Fur
Video by Jana Anhalt


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