Interview with Valerio Braschi

  • Who are you? 

My name is Valerio Braschi, I’m 46, Aquarius, I am a charming handsome man, romantic and sporty. I design, create, produce and sell the art of wearing through totally made in Italy dreams.

  • When did your keenness for furs and clothing start?

Well, Since I was a child I even used to fall asleep into the baskets in which my parents kept their goods and during the night, while the shop was closed, machinery located on the back of the shop were up and running so I had the chance to be in harness with the fashion industry since I was born.

Mine is the second generation of a fantastic and multifaceted world.

My keenness started growing up once I understood that I could easily pass on my enthusiasm, passion and happiness to our clients, not only with everything I did but also by successfully combining fabrics and designs.

Furs are up to the zenith of fashion world.

The most valuable clothes on the market contain fur as well as the most wanted winter clothes which are obviously furs. Fur is therefore to be considered as the most wanted piece of clothing amongst people.

  • Tell us about your collection (colours, models, details, manufacturing…)

My collections always has its birth from a blank paper! I feel the greatest of emotions when I go back home with dirty and chapped hands, all due to countless snip-snaps and colour experiments.

Finding or reinventing something new is a really special emotion and thanks to a perpetual brainstorming there would be endless ideas and opportunities but sometime you need to say to yourself a firm: “cut it out!”

This year we wanted to offer dynamism and luxury together with our collection through a keen eye for wearability and for the possibility to take advantage of what you’re wearing!

Mink coats are really comfortable with their ’50s-recalling collars and their refined but customized lining.

Our well thought overcoats are for those more demanding ladies who need to be warmly hugged with luxury and voluptuousness.

A keen eye is also kept on shearling which is back in the limelight after many years of almost disuse. These pieces of clothing are characterized by lightness and wearability and a good eye for details.

  • Have you ever participated to an auction sale? If yes could you please tell us about your experience.

I’ve been to Copenhagen Fur Auction! It’s always so exciting to keep in your hands that raw material by which you’re going to shape your creation! Just the same as a sculptor when he finds himself in front of a chalk block and he can already foresee what the final sculpture will look like.

So that also at this juncture our first choice is quality!

  • What’s your point of view about crisis in Italy?

Unfortunately nowadays’ crisis is not only Italian but rather European and even on a worldwide scale.

What I think is that almost nothing is done to support those who really help the nation’s growth! Much more attention is given to big companies, while we’re actually world famous for our brilliant handcrafting skills. A huge help is given to Banks, Industries, but almost nothing is done for Fashion and Tourism, sectors in which we are worldwide leaders. And no big news are on the way, sadly! I see into people’s eyes the fear and terror to live in a little affluence.   And this is a relevant restriction to a real development!  Politics only cares about its own privileges but there’s no interest for the people’s well-being.

  • What are your future goals?

I’ve never wanted to rapidly get at the top of the world but instead to base my work on a daily and constant improvement. I’m really proud of having created a strong team, composed by individuals with a mutual goal and focused on fulfilling our ambitions and improving themselves. Entering our 1500 square metres workplace you can undoubtedly feel pragmatism, willpower, enthusiasm and the joy of progressing to then draw the attention of new clients at every fashion show and collection presentation. Satisfying any of the clients’ needs is our main goal.

  • What do you usually do in your free time?

I spend some of my free time trying to recover my energy but I spend most of it with my two children Lorenzo and Christopher and racing, my great passion since I was a kid. I race on BMW, Porsche and Ferrari with gratifying results.

Thanks for your time big kisses

Lady Fur

Web site Valerio Braschi

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