Volpi Confezioni

I can announce that I have fallen in love, with Volpi.

We are in a relationship. We love each other. After having tried a vest with fox fur and having taken a dozen photos, ( really I was only supposed to take a couple) I took home a piece in textiles and mink and I will take another to Shanghai with me.

I hope we never part -.-

No joke.

I was going up the stairs in an elegant building in Via Montenapoleone in Milan, site of the Volpi show-room  (yes, I was going up the stairs because I suffer from claustrophobia and I hardly ever use lifts and then only in company of some handsome guy) and my thoughts ran to what I would soon see, without knowing that often reality far exceeds imagination.

The show-room was light, clear, with big windows, white furniture and fur accessories from Volpi’s Home collection.

The various collections of fur and jackets in material and fur, Spring Summer and Autumn Winter, looked great against the walls.

The Volpi collection

The Volpi collection is romantic, bohemian. The garments with soft lines are enriched with embroidery and stones. There is a great attention to detail. The colours are netral and pastel. The raw materials are textiles and fur of the highest quality.

Volpi: the history

The Volpi brand was founded in Tuscany in 1950 in the  provincie of Pisa by brothers Rino and Castruccio Volpi. One dedicates himself to making up the furs while the other deals with tanning.

In 1960 they became a furrier and in the 90’s Volpi widened its production inserting leather, down and technical textiles, modernizing the garments and giving them a more romantic and feminine allure whilst keeping in line with fur tailoring tradition.

The family of furriers was able to transmit the love and values of this work to their children, Flavia and  Vincenzo who manage the company today.

Just the other week in the show-room I met her: Flavia Volpi.

She told me her family’s story showing the love that she has for this work that is priceless.

She showed me some of the services that they proudly offer: the personalisation of the garments. The buyer can choose the colour. the material and many oher aspects.

Needless to say the collection is completely made in Italy.

For more information on the Volpi brand look for Volpi Confezioni on Google or click here.

In Shanghai I will wear a piece from the Spring Summer collection, I can’t wait to show you.

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Photos: Umberto Gorralady fur_photo

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