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Beijing Fashion Week day 2 find all photos of my fashion experience here in China with Kopenhagen Fur

Beijing Fashion Week I wrote this post on the morning of the 26th in Peking. Day 2 of Beijing Fashion Week. Sat on a chair, in front of the mirror with the hair stylist who is fixing my hair, I look with horror at the bags under my eyes that almost make me look like a panda 🙂

I move my gaze to my watch and notice that it is 9:16 … having gone to bed at 5:30 and having woken up at 8:30 it’s obvious that I slept 3 hours  (three is the perfect number) so ok! (My usual number disease!) Even if I have slept so little I feel in quite good shape.

Below you will find the notes from yesterday Beijing Fashion Week as if it were my diary:

Morning : Video for / shooting / brainstorming

Clicking HERE , you can see the first three articles written by me on street style at the Beijing Fashion Week for ELLE.IT

Lunch: Business Lunch  with Andy! I had a work meeting with one of the most important company in China!  Menu: hen’s feet, piglet, pork, duck, and lots of other great and really tasty food! Andy is magnificent! Light years ahead. A real all round open-minded businessman.

Afternoon Catwalk Shows:

Ne Tiger 

Kopenhagen Fur  + cocktail party


Post Production

Sending photos and articles to  ELLE.IT 

Posts for Welovefur

I would like to stay here in Peking for months. This great city has conquered me, inspired me, as well asa enriched me.

The only small problem that I think to are the taxis.

If you call them by phone they don’t speak English, so they hang up in less than a second, if you stop them on the street they escape with hands waving, murmuring and shouting something in their picturesque language that is naturally incomprehensible to me. I will never know what they say!

Last night, for example, after the Ne Tiger show I was desperate because I didn’t know how to get to the Kopenahgen Fur show that was 25 kilometers away. Taking a taxi, as I just said, is an impossible mission.

Fortunately, Miao, my friend and daughter of the Ne Tiger stylist’s husband, offered to have her friend drive me, who crossed the city in so dare-devilishly as to make me think for a moment that I was the heroin of an American film!

The Chinese are infinitely kind. Since when in Italy does someone you don’t even know take you to the other side of the city out of pure kindness, as they might have more important things to do?

Also, in the hotel and in the Chinese bars and restaurants, even without understanding the request, they attempt to find solutions to all types of problems quickly and efficiently.

In the photos that you see, I am in the car with Mattia (Kamikaze) , Miao’s husband and his friend’s driver…

Time taken:  45 minutes!

Needless to say the driver drove like mad and I, to not think of the fear caused by that type of driving, kept quiet for the whole trip.

Here are the other photos of the evening (UNFORGETTABLE)



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