Stuffed animals in real fur

Stuffed animals in real fur created by me over five years of sacrifices and dreams from 2011 to 2016

Fur toys in real fur! I have been working in this fur lab for months now. I am responsible of refurbishing so many old furs. As you know I am in love with my job and furs. For those who don’t know me yet, check out my about page. Every time that there are fur remains at the fur lab, they give them to me, I sew them all together with my sewing machine and like this I create a patchwork made of furs. Instead of making a fur coat I would like to create a stuffed animal in real fur. Fur coats I have many, I have been collecting them for years now.

Also, I have created some by myself. A furry mouse toy, the easiest to make in real rabbit fur. Later on I created a tiger with spotted fragments, but it didn’t come out well.

The stuffed animal that you can see here below, was given to me by one of my followers, Aurelia.  A funny teddy bear in red coloured rabbit fur.

Photo of the furry toy in real furfur toysstuffed animals in real furrabbit fur toyleg of peluche rabbit fur

I dream, I dream of being able to create a collection which is all mine, of stuffed animals in real fur: penguins, bunnies, teddy bears, lions, tigers, etc. I would like to create a collection full of bags with stuffed animal shapes, pouches with the shape of fur toys and many others.

To create a collection in real fur, you need to invest a lot of money. I hope I learn as soon as possible all I can and to find an investor to realise my dreams.

We were back in 2011 and now we are in 2016

My collection of stuffed animals in real fur HUG ME, beautiful bunnies to love and to cuddle with

Guys, I wrote this post in 2011 now we are in 2016! Six years ago! Mamma mia time flies by so fast! I thought of taking this post and updating it a bit, adding a very important thing.

Read very carefully

In the past six years, many things have happened. I converted my blog into a company and into my main business.

I created my own fur collection and recently I launched my capsule collection of stuffed animals in real fur. Bunnies in four different colours, one more beautiful than the last. Clicking here to see the post. If you look at the pictures of my new post with my new collection of stuffed animals in real fur, you will notice that in the picture we have used a Sphinx cat, a hairless cat. We got inspired by a wallpaper I had on my computer in 2011.

If you go to the home page of the website you can buy the stuffed animals in real fur, or you can directly go to the online shop where you will find fur toys in real fur.

I don’t know if you are aware of this, but sleeping with fur covers, furry toys, real fur pillows are good for your health. The Independent Journal had published an article regarding this topic. I recommend you to read it. =) If I had a kid, I would most definitely give him as a gift one of my fur toys which are extremely soft.

Now you might be asking yourself, how much do these fur toys cost? I mean the stuffed animals from my collection! They don’t cost that much to be made in real fur! If you buy one you will also receive a handwritten letter made by me especially for you and a little surprise gift. The stuffed animal in real fur will be packed in a special box. They could be the perfect Christmas gifts 🙂

My capsule collection of luxury fur toys is a unique project, that was made with a lot of love for this job. <3 I really hope that you like my little bunnies as much as I do.


Lady Fur

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