Fur Excellence in Athens all the photos taken at the show and the interview with Nikos Panagiotou

I took photos with all the exhibitors and some guests to share with you my experience at the Fair of Athens: Fur Excellence in Athens.

I also interviewed Nikos Panagiotou, consultant Assistant Professor in Aristotle University, at the School of Journalism and Mass Media Communication, Faculty of Economic and Political Sciences and Policy and Communication Advisor in Hellenic Association of Furriers.

In the interview Nikos will explain the value of this Fair and something about him.



LF: Introduce yourself

NP: I am Assistant Professor  in Aristotle University, at the School of Journalism and Mass Media Communication, Faculty of Economic and Political Sciences. I am Policy and Communication Advisor in Hellenic Association of Furriers.My father was a furrier, i was grown up in the fur sector, working until my 30s during my studies. My involvement in the fur sector is both the result of personal interest and motivation to contribute to my community, of hard working people.Fur is local and regional heritage for Kastoria and Siatista. The whole chain of the fur sector could be witnessed in the area.

LF: Why did the Hellenic association decide to found a new fair in Athens?

NP:The initiative is the result of the necessities of the sector to create a robust European and International Fair. A fair of excellence, that will serve the needs of the  exhibitors  by easily and dynamically adapting to the needs and changes of the market. The aim  was create a point of excellence, Fur Excellence, that will stand as a major promotional event  for the fur sector.

LF:Compare the fair of last year how did it go?

NP: Fur Excellence in Athens, International Fur Fair, has taken place in a very difficult environment. The conditions were totally different in comparison with last year. FEA 2015 has proven to be successful for the exhibitors participated making them more optimistic for the near future. Despite the problems in the fur sector visitors, especially from Russia has shown interest for the latest collections of the fur brands. Real positive results, that we hope that it is going to be a turnout for the sector

LF:Do you think that there are less sales only because of the political situation in Russia and China or are there also other reasons? For example the changing of communication, the target of client or products?

NP:The economic situation in Russia influenced the sector, especially in Greece and China. The positive thing though as Fur Excellence has proven it is that Russian have a great interest regarding fur. It is very good news that shows that a major client is still active. There is though a necessity to move beyond and promote fur sector in other markets as well, Europe, USA, are and should be at the center of our interest

LF:Fur Excellence in Athens 2015 was a really innovative fair different from many other fairs. Many good things happened :

There were the most important brands of the fur sector

  1. The was a contest for fur young designers plus a workshop
  2. 2 big events
  3. The presence of Greek politicians and representative people from fur sector from all over the world
  4.  A very successful lobbying activity event organised by Hellenic Fur Federation and Fur Europe, that attracted major Greek politicians
  5.  Important buyers
  6.  About the position, it’s really near the airport, easy to get to.
  7. There was a photographer that shot the guests of the fair and you uploaded the photos day by days.
  8.  The communication was web oriented       Are you satisfied with the result of the fair?

NP:We are satisfied, for the interest show, the very positive commercial results, the impressive lobbying activity organised by Hellenic Fur Federation and Fur Europe. We are happy from  the interest and support shown by all the political parties, from the crowded spectacular Fur Gala Show. We are enthusiastic from the moderns creations presented at the Fur Gala Show, that has show the dynamism and the creativity of the Hellenic Fur companies.

 LF: What would you like to improve or add for the next season ?

NP: We would like FEA 2016, to build up on the success of FEA 2015 and further attract more visitors, exhibitors. We are looking forward to organise more events that will promote fur sector and we are looking forward to engage all people among the fur sector

Thank you very much for your time

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Fur Excellence in Athens 2015

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