What is Kick ?

According to Google Analytics, 42% of my followers or better yet, YOU, are returning followers. So, I wonder how many of you looking at these photos will understand where I am? It’s the second time that I’m back here.

It Is Kick, based in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark. For those who do not remember, or have not seen my previous post by clicking here.

Last week I made a really, but REALLY, interesting video about Kick.


But what exactly is Kick? What is Kopenhagen Nexus? Is it a fur design center? An incubator of new talents? How does it cooperate with companies and which are the future projects?

To answer all of these questions, Julie Maria Iversen Head of Kopenhagen Nexus and member of Kick will be answering them in a video that I’m going to share soon (matter of days).

TIPS: Get a pen and paper to take notes because it will be useful, not only for designers, but also to companies that have interest in using fur in their collections.

In these photos, I am wearing a carved bi-color mink dress ,”stolen” from the big wardrobe of Kick that is rich of fur coats, dresses, furniture, lingerie, accessories ….. A real fur dream….

Happy to have come back in fur.



Miao Miao

Lady Fur

Shoes: Paloma Barcelò

Photos: Mattia Guolo

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