Bye Bye Holiday

In my home/ office I don’t have air conditioning.

I’m working in my underwear (practically naked) sitting on the chair in lynx fur, stuck to the computer that puts out hot air, in Milan there are 40 degrees with humidity at 99% (this is the warmest summer in 30 years), my friends and colleagues are almost all on holiday or about to go there, my grandmother and mother send me selfies of Monte Carlo and Sanremo, other bloggers publish photos etc in swimsuits under the sun of  Ibiza or Miami ….

As well as being completely alone in Milan, I’m trying to build the team =) in exactly two months, to find the office, plan next year, change agency to improve the site on a technical level and above all I am organizing three big projects that  I will do in August and then let’s add the part I hate the most: at the end of the month (next week) I meet for that appointment that cannot be not put off: the accountant for the year’s balance. Although the balance  will be better than the past I hate going to the accountant =) and as usual I am working on other projects – 2000 altogether =)

You know what?

I’M SO HAPPY TO DO SO =) I’m so happy to work I do not give a XXXX about holidays at this time. I admit that my last few years have been heavy and I need a vacation but you can understand my joy at seeing what I created from scratch grow . In a few months I’ll have a team that I will support and which will enable me to grow =)

I would like to create it by September:

I’m looking for an account manager who will improve the costumer experience and will organize everything, a commercial account mananger who will help me to position my brand image and will take care of the commercial part and a social media marketing manager who will be the overseer of my blogs <3 based in Milan. On Fashion Jobs I shared the description of exactly what I need but it is in italian because I’m looking for people based in Milan.

Commercial Account Manager

Account Manager

Social Media Marketing Manager

So briefly, I do not think I will have a holiday maybe just a weekend. I have all of August full of beautiful projects especially one with Mano Swartz.

Richard Swartz and I will create many videos together, he invited me to visit his fur shop, the oldest of America, in Baltimore from Aug. 2 to 8. I cannot wait to introduce you to Richard and his history.

I have lots of news to tell you, I’ll write a dedicated post.

In the photo you see above I am in Copenhagen in the inner garden of Kopenhagen Fur auction of the Danish skins. I am wearing a suit by a new stylist Miahatami and a lynx skin taken from Guide Brokers.

Lady Fur


Photo: Azzurra Piccardi

MUA: Lea Sonne


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