Lingerie in real fur

Lingerie in fur the photos of my slip with fur pompoms  

Lingerie in fur. This is the slip with pompoms in fur borrowed from the archive of Kopenahgen Fur Studio for the shooting 

I had to cancel all the posts where I speak about f u r  f e t i c i s h m; I can’t even write it because if I do Google penalizes my site being a “h o t” topic. And you know I have a super fur fetish. You can’t even imagine the joy I felt doing this shoot. 

It’s not the first time I have worn real fur lingerie. In the past i did a video with a bra in swakara fur (This is in absolutely my fav video it was the first I made at Kopenhagen Fur) <3

If you are interested in seeing the archive of Kopenhagen Fur Studio click here.

Photo Yana Kahakatanova


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