Red Fur Hello Kitty Miao Miao

Good morning Fur lovers,

Here are the photos taken in one of my favorites restaurants in Milan: Joie de Vivre.

There really is a magical atmosphere that prevails inside this restaurant which inspired my look: I’m wearing a swakara fur coat with red fox , a red taffetas skirt always from my brand, original fur cat ears and a Hello Kitty bag.

swackara_coat_bomber_welovefur_fashionfashion_fur_photo_lady_furmiao_girl_cat_girl_fur lady_fur lady_fur_fur_coat cat_girl_japan

Hello Kitty, this fabulous character drawn in every kind of accessory, starting from the bath toys, school objects, bedroom items, fluffy pajamas and wonderful pillows all associated with the majority of my teenage years, leaving me with unforgettable memories.

I love Hello Kitty and Emily Strange. What about you? Which are your favorite characters?


Lady Fur

Photos: Michelangelo Chiacchio

Makeup: Alice Taglietti


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