Chinchilla pink fur

giorgio magnani chinchilla pink fur lady fur shanghai

Pink chinchilla fur and performance anxiety that I no longer have!

Pink chinchilla fur by Giorgio Magnani, for who doesn’t know this brand I have previously done a post on it, click here to read it.

Before starting to describe my look with pink chinchilla fur I would like to say a few words about how I monetize my blog. Recently I have been unjustly accused.

I want to specify that differently from many other “bloggers” I don’t ask fees to wear furs or promote brands in general. I only wear brands I really believe in and I monetize my blog in other ways, giving consulting etc… Now that I have cleared this point, let me tell you how much I love this pink chinchilla fur by Giorgio Magnani.

This pink chincilla fur is a vest and is threaded with python. Threaded means that the rose colored chincilla skins  are attached one by one to a strip of black Python. It’s a technique that is very used in fashion and fur, it gives the fur a more harmonious and less rounded effect.

Python is really light like chincilla, in fact you hardly feel you have it on.

The photos were taken in Shanghai during Shanghai Fashion Week, in front of one of the most important hotels of the city the Peace Hotel near the Bund.

As you know I love pink, I love pink fur. In the past I have done several posts with fur of this color click here to see the post with Volpi fur, here all posts with pink furs.

When Giorgio Magnani sent me the pink chinchilla fur I immediately thought of wearing it for Shanghai Fashion Week held from 6 to 12 April. The  temperature was around 15 to 20 degrees. Knowing I had to walk all day through shows, events, fairs and various meetings I chose a comfortable look.

Denim overalls and pink chinchilla fur. My great grandmother would say: “You can’t wear fur with denim! It’s not chic!”

Yes, because a fur like this, made in Italy, with skins of extreme certified quality, threaded with Python, is worth at least thirty thousand euros. It’s fur. It’s luxury. It has value (not just monetary), IT IS VALUE.

Performance anxiety. (Chinchilla pink fur)

Years ago when I received these so costly and particular iconic garments, I got performance anxiety: I thought I had to match it with a long dress, an elegant dress, a very long dress with split… then I needed jewels, accessories… Thankfully I no longer have these thoughts. Matching furs always and only elegant dresses could give a bit of an “old and tacky” image above all if you wear the fur during the day. I love playing with colors, I think that blue jeans really enhance the grey pink of chincilla fur. What do you think? Do you like the match?


Shanghai Bund
chinchilla pink fur lady fur shanghai
Trussardi bag
chinchilla pink fur lady fur shanghai
MiuMiu sunglasses

I wore the pink chincilla fur by Giorgio Magnani with 70s denim overalls by a brand that I discovered recently Maryling, pink shoes from the new collection by Pas De Rouge my favorite brand for moccasins, Trussardi bag, Miu Miu glasses also from the new collection.

Where can you find the right fur for you? 

If you like the chinchilla fur that I have in the photo you can contact the brand directly: to this email address they will tell you where you can buy it or, if you want to follow my advice, visit their show room in San Marino where you will find every type of fur at different prices.

What did I do in Shanghai?

In Shanghai I presented the Chinese Fashion Week for Elle Italy and I made a video with Mattia Guolo, the video maker that made one of my favorite videos of Copenhagen Fashion Week 2014. In Shanghai I perfected a great project with Kopenhagen Fur (soon you will see it on my blog) and I saw the MODE Shanghai fair (the photos will soon be on my blog).

To shop part of my look click here

To conclude: if you like me love chinchilla fur click here, you will find all posts with chinchilla fur worn by me since 2015.

On you tube I have reached 1 million 350 thousand views go check it out.

Keep following me: in these days I will publish lots of news and new posts.

Your Lady Fur

chinchilla pink fur lady fur shanghai

chinchilla pink fur lady fur shanghai
Giorgio Magnani Chinchilla pink fur


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