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Snapchat is a temporary communication application.

Why am I talking to you about SNAPCHAT today? Because in Kastoria I would have liked to have published my experiences day by day but due, or thanks, to numerous commitments I couldn’t. Yesterday however I published many videos on  SNAPCHAT ( you can find me as LADYFUR) given that it is a temporary communication tool the videos self destruct so it is important that you follow me day by day or you lose loads of contents.

Snapchat is a fun way to relate to friends sending videos, personalized pictures or photographs.

The problem is that they last few seconds, then disappear and there is no trace not even on the server. The term “Snapchat” literally combines the terms “snap”  and “chat”.

Let me explain better what  SNAPCHAT is

Snapchat is an application for Android and iPhone that allows you to send to one or more contacts photographs, videos, cartoons and more. Unfortunately the sent contents can be seen for 10 seconds maximum and, once read, are lost forever.snapchat

Basically Snapchat is an ephimeral messaging application:  nothing of what you send with this app can be saved unlike what you send by SMS or email except for videos that you upload in your history and that can be saved on your cell phone.

I won’t hide that it took me a few days to understand well how it works. But now I love it.

Let me explain better how to use SNAPCHAT even if the best way to find out  is to use it.

1) Create an account .Insert your email address and a password, choose an available  user name and voilà les jeux sont faits: you are ready to send photos that will self destruct. Naturally you will be able to interact only with those that have a Snapchat account, that is with the users that are on your contact list.

2) Shoot a photo that you will be able to save or change as you like drawing hearts or stars or something similar on it before sending.lady fur snapchat

3) Choose how many seconds the phto can be seen for – from 1 to 10 –  the countdown will start. As soon as the established viweing time is over, Snapchat will cancel the image and you will no longer be able to see it. A trace will remain only in the history that tells you when a message arrives and who it is from. If you don’t open it Snapchat itself will cancel it from the server after thirty days.

4) Shoot a photo using your imagination and share it on instagram and on your social networks: it will be easier for visitors to take a photo of your Snapchat and easily add you.

I love Snapchat because it’s a real social network. =)

Now I only use Facebook for work, to share blog posts. Instagram is useful for uploading edited photos with similar colours to the previous ones (practically a shop window that however does not show what I do every day). I think that Instragram is now a creative way to express yourself. I use Twitter like a press office. On Snapchat instead I share my real life. And that’s why I like it. There are no filters, no editing, only real instants…fast and fun. I love the fact that I can draw on the photos and even make video messages that cancel themselves after only a few seconds.

Now that I have explined how to use Snapchat you just have to DOWNLOAD it, HAVE FUN and of course FOLLOW ME: LADYFURtumblr_inline_naywqkoSL21rpkp36

Many kisses from Milan

Lady Fur

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