Furs for men 2016/17

furs for men 2016/17

Furs for men 2016/17 collections Milan Man’s Fashion Week Fendi, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Dolce&Gabbana, Marni, Roberto Cavalli and Gucci by Lorenzo Sabatini

Furs for men 2016/17 collections at Milan Man’s Fashion Week had a surprisingly strong presence on the runways, bringing ostentatious and opulent styles. Designers this season wants men to step out of the shadows in a more luxurious and self confident style.


While the fashion crowds were so sad for the decease of Courrèges, Donatella Versace  just arrived on point with a sporty sci-fi inspired collection. She made a tribute to Mugler, the late designer mentioned above, combined with the heritage of her luxury brand.. Lots of furs for Versace men this season: or as lining of an outlined suede jacket, or as a sweater paired with metallic buttoned and zippered leather black pants. IRL those furs for men pieces combined with a jeans or a skinny fit trousers are so cool!


The quintessence of luxury came across the runway at Ralph Lauren: the first six looks were all about furs for men and leatherwear. He imagined a millionaire- alpha male – stud, tipically american, probably in his range in Texas, which wore ivory pants combined with trekking boots, sneakers or western boots all in soft leather.

Shearling, calf hair, fringed leather and the gorgeous top model Lucky Blue  Smith made the rest: every man who is passionate about fur and which wants to own an iconic piece must buy Ralph Lauren’s Outerwear.


Gucci’s Reinassance is in the name of its new-star designer Alessandro Michele, which aestethics means psychedelic and more. In fact it is not only a tribute to his music idols (legendary David Bowie, Jagger and more), but it is a hype-sophistication of the contemporary: the typical pleasure of young people to mix genres and period while dressing up. His fashion trip leads  in the past, especially in the 70s, all mixed with already iconic Gucci/Michele pieces (moccasin covered with fur, anyone?). The result seems Michele’s scrapbook. A calf hair animal printed cape came down with red skinny pants, or another version of leather cape came out with embroidered jeans. Furs for men for Gucci means: decontracté-chic.


The sicilian most famous couple did a wonderful tribute to western movie. Maybe the upcoming Tarantino’s “The Eightful Eight” inspired them.

Western symbols were in the prints and in the embroideries: it was an hommage twisted with their heritage of typical sicilian workwear clothes.

Lots of furs for men appeared in the runway: mainly outerwear, but the edgy item were the pants in fur. A modern faun appeared: something that lovers of furs for men can certainly not give up on having in the closet.

Dolce & Gabbana furs:  Shearling, Alpaca and Kalgan


The fashion house who represents the Kingdom of fur left us speachless even this season: they propose furs for men in the revers of a long outerwear, a big size fur paired with a pijama pants or as a huge bag combined with a Jamiroquai inspired outfit. Plus, the yellow fur bag is the it piece for furs for men this season.


Consuelo Castiglioni imagined a contemporary lord who is not afraid to wear on a suit a stole made of fur. Also featured in this show furs for men to make you feel warm and super cool. Lots of tailored items paired with furs. The stole for men made the point.


The Roberto Cavalli FALL WINTER 16 collection for men is infused with the freedom of the late Sixties and the early Seventies. It was opulent: strong masculinity with some touch of femininity as the music icons which inspired the show (Jagger, Gainsbourg and much more).

The first look was stunning: an animalier fur worn with wool trousers and vintage sneakers. Also seen on the runway a reptile jacket, a long fur: Roberto Cavalli is rock and confident attitude as usual.


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Photos via Camera della Moda web site and Vogue.com

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