Will I make it?

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The diary of a young businesswoman struggling with the development of the collection without investors.

I am going through a difficult period. (I have never liked easy things)

I have been fighting for ten years but with tenacity and positivity I can always turn the negative into positive OVERCOMING hostile situations.

In this way I can “work”, “gain” and “grow”.

Now I’m trying to overcome this:

In August I signed the licence contract for the development of my brand and I hit the ground running with my collection.

My ideas were clear: It would be inspired by Sailor Moon!

After months of negotaiation I understood that using Sailor Moon for Fall Winter was not doable neither for the timing nor for the costs.

Even the investors vanished: the contract was broken 30 September.

Strategies and business plan were all lost… I looked for a sponsor but in vain.

I revised the collection to resize it because unfortunately to position a brand and enter the market in addtion to making the collection you need to find investments for the communication, the production and more besides.

No outside help came neither from supplier friends who had proposed themselves before.

Only my mother, who despite having always believed in me had never invested in my projects, came forward and offered me a hand…And this was a great victory for me.THANK YOU MOM.

I started again. I revised the collection for the thousandth time.

I looked for the furs and I trusted the wrong supplier that expected full payment in advance. The timing didn’t allow me to have the furs coloured either…Plus, if I didn’t have the samples ready soon I could not be selected to enter sales showrooms.

I am completely alone, without a real team or partners that can help me and that I can lean on even for the development of the blog.

Thanks however to the psychological help of many people: my grandmother, my sister, my mother, Carlo di Dario (my best friend),Gus, Raffaella and Mattia,  thanks to Vladimiro and Viviana and to the support from you, my followers and of who loves me I can pick myself back up and get back to work

My collection will therefore not be too expensive, made up of bags ( less expensive and demanding ) and few fur garments…financed solely thanks to my fur blog, to the sale of the old samples and my mum’s help.

I will  follow the development of the collection until the end of december and than  I will start travelling for the blog (Copenhagen, Saint Petersburg, New York, Paris and Beijing).

I think I owe you this update: I wouldn’t want some of you to think that my less frequent posts were due to laziness or inconsistencies.

I am working night and day on both projects and soon there will be some very interesting news. =)=)

Having said that I am fine and I am happy :-).

This is certainly one of the best learning experiences and after letting off steam I am sure I will be able to turn this situation around !!!

boom boom boom

Lady Fur <3





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