HYPOCRISY: ‘No! I don’t want to be labelled as a company that produces furs!’ This is the answer of some Italian fashion houses that use leather and fur.

During Milan Fashion Week I had the opportunity to come up against a few brands that to this day have entire collections in fur, leather articles and more not only for the winter season but also for summer.

These same brands, instead of collaborating and defending their work and the value of their activity,  instead of helping each other,  decide to stoop to the vilest hypocrisy

To the question ’Tomorrow I would like to  write a post on your ( fur and leather ) collection: is that OK’ the answer was: ‘NO! We don’t want to be labelled as a brand that produces furs. We embrace and sponsor campaigns against fur. Write about the material garments but not about the leather ones.’


If I were their customer  I would think they were slightly taking the mickey.

Brands that have collections featuring leather and fur garments that embrace campaigns against themselves should be stricken off.

Fashion houses pollute the environment with their synthetic garments, with colours and chemical products not to mention how they dispose of the waste…

And polluting the environment means KILLING people and animals.

There are fashion houses that one season campaign against furs and the next propose them, pretending to forget the resolutions they made just two months before.

Not to mention the brands that claim not to use materials of animal origin. Pity though that going into their showroom I discover that they use leather and fur accessories. And when I point this detail out I hear them answer : ‘But in such small quantities…’

What does ‘small quantities’ mean? HYPOCRISY…

Working with fur is an art, Italy is famous for this craft but if fashion houses are the first to hide behind excuses and send negative or wrong messages, above all in this moment of crisis, when the need to help relaunch ‘Made in Italy’ is at its highest, I don’t think that the economy will recover easily, nor that those Italians who wear high fashion will want to use these houses…

Not by chance those that can buy abroad or from more deserving fashion houses such as Prada and Fendi.

Miao Miao

Lady Fur

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