Eco friendly fur: a danger to man and the environment

fake furs

Eco friendly fur incorrect term: it must be called non-biodegradable acrylics!

Ecological furs are cheap but not environmentally friendly.

Ecological furs: not being biodegradable to be made due to the chemical components intolerable by man, a lot of people die and not being disposable garments naturally from the planet earth are shipped in poor countries as in Bangladesh, where as a result the inhabitants get sick and die for diseases caused by the pollution of these furs, mistakenly called “ecological”.

Granted everyone is free to think as he wants and that goes both for animalists, and for those who use fur.

Many vegetarians or animal lovers choose to wear eco friendly fur to have the poor beasts’ death on their conscience.

But, seeing that they are made from petrol based materials, can we really define them ‘eco friendly’?

I think that the term ‘eco friendly fur’ is completely wrong: surely synthetic fur would be more appropriate.

Animalists promote synthetic fur as an alternative to real fur: do you think that’s correct? In my opinion it’s a contradiction, they should love animals and not create confusion.

Real furs are the result of the killing of farmed animals that die instantly without pain.

Eco friendly furs are also the result of the death of animals, and to make things worse, oil wells and ships continue to cause pollution and the destruction of entire ecosystems every year,.

What is the synthetic material made of?

Synthetic material is composed of nylon, acrylic and polyester, all derived from petrol. According to the book “Sustainable fashion and textiles” by Kate Fletcher, to obtain one kilo of synthetic fur you need respectively 150, 157 and 109 megajoules of energy depending on the material used. To production costs you have to add disposal costs, that in the case of petrol derivatives are high and very polluting.

Put simply, a synthetic fur can be compared to an old plastic bag, and as such is not biodegradable, in fact like the old plastic bags it is practically indistructable.

Paradoxically, instead, real furs are biodegradable, in other words “eco friendly fur”.

Moral: dress according to your conscience, but avoid telling others what to wear, you could be giving them the wrong advice.

According to some animalists we should avoid wearing animal furs or eating meat, but what should we give up, according to them?

There are many types of clothes derived from animals: coats, jackets, trousers and skirts, shoes, bags and wallets, belts, silk dresses ( seeing that these are made by killing animals) without counting leather car interiors, sofa and chair covers, not to mention food: no meat. Fish, beef, mutton, pork etc…

Some people could object saying that we can eat vegetarian and wear clothes made from vegetable fibres ( seeing that we shouldn’t use the synthetic ones, as I explained earlier ) But then we can’t even treat ourselves with medecines that are notoriously tested on animals nor use cosmetics because they too are tested on animals.

Personally I wear real fur, which is a gift of nature, thermal, natural, not polluting, lasts even 30 years.

I love animals I have a dog and two cats.

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  • I quite agree with you, my wife and I love the fur and also have animals that we love. Qualified synthetic fur ecological is a nonsense when you see how long it takes to degrade it the wholes damage done to remove it.

  • I completely agree; I’ve gone vegetarian in the past, even vegan. What put me off the vegan diet and lifestyle (apart from the cost and the constant meticulous search for the “right” ingredients)was something i read online: in every kernel of grain, in every bean that’s harvested there are some bugs. It is impossible to sift these little critters out, and by law a certain percentage of bugs are allowed in the harvest of both grain and beans. Now, it is not detrimental to your health to ingest processed grains and beans, but what’s the freaking point of going vegan if you’re basically eating animals anyway?

    That’s when it hit me: I’m part of the natural cycle of things no matter how much i may object to it. So I might as well accept it. And around the same time I finally caved to my personal obsession with fur. After reading (somewhere else) that fake fur is actually more damaging to the environment then real fur and after seeing the fur is green movie online I could find peace with myself and my obsession.

    Thanks for the blog, you’re a great “enabler” for my obsession and omg you’ve got some nice photos on here.

    I’m sorry for the lengthy post, but I suppose what I am trying to say (in short) is that loving animals, not agreeing with animal cruelty and living a moral lifestyle are different for all of us. I eat meat, eggs, fish, the whole thing. I love different kinds of leather and i love love love love fur. And at the end of the day, I can sleep well and have peace with myself, knowing that I do not consider myself morally superior in some way, nor do I condone the torture of animals in any way.

    As for vegetarians, I bless them and vegans as well. After all, it’s a free world and we all must do what we feel is right in the end. I just wish people would say the same about fur lovers and meat eaters.


  • Totally agree with your posting not only because it is my family business, it is meaningful that you pointed out which is the real eco-friendly product.

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