Greenlandic Seal Fur

Greenlandic Seal fur first experience by Lady Fur 

I am really happy to share with you one of my new passions Greenlandic Seal furs sold by Kopenhagen Fur that I thank infinitely for having opened a new world up to me.

The seal fur that Kopenhagen Fur sells are furs that come from the Inuits, the indigenous population that lives in Greenland.

This means that the seals are not killed for the purpose of being sold at auction to then transform them into fur garments, but to protect and save the existence of the indigenous population. Yes, you understood correctly, and now I will explain why.

The Inuits

The Inuits (a self sufficient population) survive thanks to seal hunting. Nothing of the animal is wasted: with their fat they heat their houses, with the furs they create clothes, a part of the body is destined for food while the insides become food for the dogs.

Seal hunting is therefore sustainable hunting, above all if you consider the fact that more and more are born each year and that, if they were not culled, they would represent a serious danger for the reproduction of smaller fish, endangering the survival of the indigenous populations of the Arctic.

Things  to highlight and memorize well:

– Seals are not an endangered species.

– In Greenland the Inuits hunt seals with pistols.

– Kopenhagen Fur sells only this type of fur that is the only one saleable all overEurope. Moral: They are then NOT banned…I WILL USE THEM IN MY NEXT COLLECTION!!!

Neither did I want to nor would I neglect this important information… but now let’s get to the most FASHIONABLE and INTERESTING part for us designers and fur fans.

Recently tanneries in Greenland have developed new colourings. Seal fur absorbs colour very well taking on a FLOURESCENT effect. In the video you can see some colours that really got me going.  I counted about twenty: my favourites are PINK, ICE BLUE, BLUEBERRY AND CHOCOLATE.

This fur has another particular. Differently from other furs it is really easy to work because it doesn’t have to be nailed down! This means saving time by skipping a very long and boring step.

Seal fur also lends itself to lining, 3d effects,embroidery, applications….

 In these late months Kick Nexus has been developing new techniques: you will find some in the video, but I promise I will show you others next year.

You can’t even imagine how many crossed my mind caressing seal fur…During my last experience in Copenhagen even in my dreams my thoughts kept going to what I could create with this type of fur.

Once seal fur was stiff, and in my opinion also a bit ugly. now instead it is soft, so soft it can be compared to mink with the difference that a mink is small while a seal is very big…


Some quick logic: to make a fur, usually, you need at least 17 minks. With seal two are enough and so the price also becomes very interesting. There is no need for the cutter and it lends itself to particular processing…

Basically a GREENLANDIC SEAL fur, on a commercial level, can become very attractive for buyers not only for the more than competitive price but also for the novelty of the material that has nothing to do with Canadian seal…

That’s why I decided to use it…And soon I will show you day to day what I will do…

For the moment I won’t add more than to say that the post is already quite long, but the we haven’t finished with the subject here…in fact we have just started.

To have more information on seal fur write to or go to the Kopenhagen Fur site

To see old posts on seal fur click here

Miao Miao

Lady Fur

the video was edited by Davide Micciulla

Make up Timo Raatikainen

Furs Kopenhagen Fur except for the one with the python back that is part of the collection.

Don’t miss all looks of Lady Fur in swakara coat


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