How to Protect Your Furs: Summer is here

mink and swakara coat

Summer Is Here! How to Protect Your Furs

Is anyone looking forward to winter as much as we are? There’s nothing better than wearing fur when the wearing is cold.

When the sun is shining, even the most dedicated and fashionable fur aficionados will remove their furs and push them to the back of their closets. But how should you look after your fur when you aren’t wearing it? Should you give your fur special treatment during the off season? Here’s everything you need to know about protect your furs when you aren’t wearing them:

Cleaning Your Fur

Does your fur need cleaning? Then take it to a professional. And take it now! Your piece should be cleaned as soon as winter is over, before it is stored. If it has any spots of marks this is particularly important. These will only worsen and damage the coat if they are left to set during the off season.

Storing Your Fur

Storing your fur is easy, right? Right. But only if you know what to do. Most fur experts suggest that you take your fur out of your home and ask your local retail furrier to store it for you in a temperature- and humidity-controlled storage vault.

Pushing your fur to the back of your closest may be convenient, but it won’t protect it. 

If you have an aging or inexpensive vintage fur that you would rather not pay to store then here are some tips for storing your furs at home:

– Keep them out of direct sunlight and in a place that is cool and dry. Your closet could be the ideal spot, but your damp basement is best avoided.– Don’t cram too many furs together in one place. Your pieces need to be allowed to hang freely with room to breath

– Cover your fur in a cloth garment bag. This will protect it from dust and damage whilst still allowing air to circulate though it.

Storing your favourite furs doesn’t have to be complicated but our advice, if your having an doubts, is to always consult an expert!

Love you fur? Then you don’t want to damage or mark an expensive pelt by storing it incorrectly.

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