Lady Gaga we are with you don’t pay attention to PETA and her business.

US singer Lady Gaga poses after receiving the International Pop award during the Bambi awarding ceremony in Wiesbaden, Germany, on November 10, 2011. The Bambis are the main German media awards and are presented for the 63rd time. AFP PHOTO / DANIEL ROLAND (Photo credit should read DANIEL ROLAND/AFP/Getty Images)

Gaga we are with you don’t pay attention to PETA and her business.

This post is for Lady Gaga a singer and Icon that my followers and I love so much.

Gaga is free to chose to wear furs or not.

I could not write about the attack on Lady Gaga from Peta and its “fake animalist”.

Lately Gaga decided to wear fur coats, and people ( fake animalists) encouraged by Peta’s team, attacked and insulted Gaga, but this happenswhen somebody wears fur coats ( if you wear leather no but fur yes) pity that leather and furs, both, come from animals in the same way.


The Journalist Dhani Mau wrote : “ PETA had a few issues with Gaga’s decision to wear a very big, very fur coat, which PETA VP Dan Matthews verbalized in an open letter.

She highlights A VERY BIG FUR COAT ahahah If it was a smaller fur coat?

She reports also that this is a problem for the Gay fans  of Gaga because they love animals … writing : “The second issue, which we’re less clear on, asserted that her gay fans–the gay ones, specifically–are animal rights advocates and that wearing fur was somehow an affront to them.Matthews begins his letter, “Many of your gay fans, I among them…” and asks..”

What has being gay got to do with it? A so sorry! This is the latest trend …Being on the side of Gay people as Obama . Obama suddenly decided to be in favor of gay weddings.

I’m very happy for gay people if they will be able to marry.

If I was gay I would be angry with Peta and not with Gaga. Peta used gay people for its low interest ! This is shameful.

I wear fur, I love animals , I’m not gay, I don’t eat beef =)

The web site of the BBC reported a sentence of the Vice president of Peta : “Many of your gay fans, I among them, have long admired what you told Ellen: ‘I hate fur and I don’t wear fur.’

“Recent photos of you in fox and rabbit and with a wolf carcass make it appear that you have amnesia.

“What happened? Are your stylists telling you that it’s fake, or are you a turncoat?

“Please tell us whether what you gracefully told Ellen was heartfelt or just a pose.”

This is ridiculous isn’t it?

Think about how much time and energy  Peta are spending for Gaga and her furs when Peta could be really helping animals doing something usefulinstead of attacking the fur world.But you know Business is Business.Money is Money .

If I was Peta I would write an E-book about how to earn a lot of money informing and convincing people about wrong things.

The fur coat is a gift of nature, it is irreproducible and unique. Animals are not skinned alive, do not suffer and don’t feel any pain.

If you wear a fur coat you get death threats,risk of being beat on the street or that something is thrown on you.

All these “GOOD PEOPLE” that make death threats I don’t really think that are normal people. A person that loves animals doesn’t make  threats and write these kinds of horrible and violent  things but spends his time helping animals such as dogs at the pounds for example my best friend Cecilia she is always very busy with her work but in her free time she goes to the pounds and kennelsto help dogs, she doesn’t eat beef but doesn’t criticize people that wear furs . Because fur animals don’t feel pain and grow up in a farm where they are in good health.

These people the fake animalists are not good people and I’m sure that they don’t love animals. They are not open to dialogue but make death threats and attack in a violent way.

For what reason should I not wear fur coats if animals don’t feel pain?

Why don’t these people go to manifest in front of the butchers?

Why do they attack only furriers ?

Why are these people so violent ?

Why do they create and send cruel videos about animals?

Why don’t they want to speak with me but only attack me ?

I will reply immediately

Because it is a business. Peta and society convince you to believe in it to earn money.

Keep in mind :

The bodies of fur animals are used for food for other animals and as manure. Nothing is wasted.

The animals who suffer are animals used for medicine and food that you eat everyday. Peta is an organization that DOES NOT care about animals rights but cares about  its bank account.

Peta encourages people to believe that the fur trade is harmful for animals because in this way you will invest money and Peta will earn.

Differently to these people I am open to dialogue and I want to give the right information about the fur trade and I want hear your side.

Gaga and all of you that wear furs and leather don’t feel alone we are with you.


Lady Fur

If you want to watch Gaga in fur clik here :    and

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  • Years ago there was a Peta site called “People Eating Tasty Animals”. I still think of peta as that site. But Peta attacks any Public figure that promotes or wears fur. Its almost a knee jerk reaction for them.

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