CHIC 2018 the video

Chic 2018 five interesting stories of international brands

Chic 2018 for the second year in a row invited me to attend the fair as Brand Ambassador.

Chic is the most influential fair in Asia, it is dedicated to textiles and prét â porter collections. More than five million visitors visited Chic 2018 many of them Asian, mainly Chinese. The exhibitors instead come from all over the world. The fair is divided into pavilions dedicated to the various nations, naturally there is also Italy and the French pavilion, another fashion capital and that dedicated to Germany plus many others. I must have to put in a word for the many fur and leather brands that took part in Chic coming from Turkey and Greece whose exhibitors I had had the pleasure to meet in the past and who I was very happy to see again. 

Instead of writing the “usual things” on the fair I thought of telling you true stories of international companies who managed to position themselves well in China.

All the participants in Chic naturally want to enter the Chinese market! Even the Chinese brands themselves take part in Chic to position themselves. As you know China is rather BIG. The Chinese story od the brand BALABALA is the most interesting even if it is not the first you will read, but please don’t miss it because it really is an INCREDIBLE STORY!

  • The first story regards AMAZONAS

Amazonas is all about the biodegradable and the recyclable

In the pavilion dedicated to Brazil I interviewed the Amazonas team asking them what they think of CHIC Shanghai.

We are very happy to take part in Chic, we have been here for four years and every year we develop new contacts and get new clients. We believe it is the best platform to get new clients and improve our brand awareness in China and in Asia.

AMAZONAS is a young brand of all recyclable beachwear shoes and urban style established in 2011 in Brazil. The producing company that owns the brand AMAZONAS has been in the business for seventy years and is one of the biggest producers of shoes with glue in the world.

The philosophy of AMAZONAS is very interesting it is based on the “recyclable”. All the products of AMAZONAS are 100% recyclable and are made with materials that are biodegradable in five years. I tried a pair of rubber flip-flops whose material comes from four plastic bottles and I found them really comfortable.

Where can you find the brand?

The brand is sold mainly in the Middle East and in the Philippines. Amazonas website link here

  • The second story regards a lingerie brand made in Germany: ESCORA

The brand’s keyword is passion” explains Birgit Riekel CEO of the brand.

 The symbol and logo of ESCORA is a key, the key of passion.

ESCORA holds three other brands: Coco Cavaliere, Modemoiselle and Diamor.

ESCORA has already two branches in Asia: one in Shanghai and one in Hong Kong. It is a very active brand: they participate in the most important fairs of the  sector, they are present on the web and sell online also via Instagram. One of the most interesting pieces of the collection is certainly a very sexy body that comes in all sizes.

ESCORA pays a lot of attention to the requests of Chinese market: it has in fact added kimonos that recall traditional Chinese style to its collection.

The future objectives of the brand regard expanding into Arab countries and growing the Chinese market.

MANZONI24 CONDORPELLI: high quality, minimal cuts, elegance, style, lightness are only some of the words that define the brand.

In the Italian pavilion of Chic 2018 -La Moda Italiana – I interviewed Alessandro Zanini one of the two founders of Condorpelli, the Milanese holding company of Manzoni24, fashion brand specialized in outerwear that has recently launched a real line of clothing that is amongst the chicest and most elegant in Italy. I spoke about Manzoni24 in this post click here to see it. 

Manzoni24 outerwear stands out for the refinement of its style that is so minimal and sophisticated, in the use of the highest quality materials like Loro Piana cachemire e certified skins – like fox and mink – coming from the best auctions in the world. Manzoni 24 is worn by the chicest women in Europe and Asia. I wore the coat of the brand in the Chic 2018 video. 

I will conclude this story with a phrase from Alessandro Zanini of Manzoni 24:

I have been participating in Chic Shanghai for four years, every edition is a surprise for the number of contacts we develop and the number of potential clients acquired. Asia and China in particular are markets that interest us very much. Chic is the best platform for entering the Asian market!


We’re here, we’ve made it to the most important part.

  • The next two stories regard two brands that are completely different but so  unique and interesting that I spent nearly half my day at their stand.

BALABALA from 20 to 4000 stores!

BALABALA is pronounced as it looks. The director of the children’s brand Mr. Qi Junhua  explains to us that for Asians saying this word makes them feel happy like saying Mummmy and Daddy..! 

BALABALA was founded 16 years ago in Shanghai. The strength of this brand is in offering several lines for boys and girls of all ages. BALABALA took part in Chic fifteen years ago, when the fair took place in Peking and at that time the brand had only 20 stores. Today BALABALA has more than 4300 stores in China.


NOME is a very young Chinese brand with a rather particular concept: the objective is to propose unique experiences offering products for men and women that regard wellness and digital sense as for example telephone battery chargers with particulars designs and all at a very accessible price despite the high quality. Products that are made by different international designers.      

Chic Shanghai 2018 the photos

Photo gallery of Chic of the items I liked most and photos of the fair.

About the video: I had the pleasure of staying at the Fairmont Peace Hotel that is right in front of the Bund.

For more information on Chic 2018 click here.

To partecipate at the next edition: CHIC 2018 September 27-29, Shanghai,

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