Fur School Centria University of Applied Sciences in Finland

Centria University of Applied Sciences the best way to get into the fur Sector! 

Fur school: Centria University of Applied Sciences in Finland is the only university for Applied Sciences specialized in fur design and marketing.

You are lucky!  

Since 2014 there has been a fur school or rather a university that prepares you for the world of fur

Your generation is lucky! 

In my day – in 2011 – there was no fur school and I had to learn nearly everything alone. If only I could have studied in this university I would certainly have been able to develop my company faster.  It is true that I did courses at auction houses but at that time they were reserved only for the children of the auction’s clients or employees of the auctions. I took part in the course of Kopenhagen Fur by pure chance and later, thanks to the success of my blog, I also took part in the one at Saga Furs, but I am certain that if I could have attended a more complete university like Centria University of Applied Sciences straight away everything would have been EASIER. 

If you want to work in the fur sector and earn you have to study hard! This university is perfect: in fact it allows you to get a Bachelor of Business Administration BBA degree specialized in fur that includes fur design and business

The Finnish university offers two different courses of study: one for beginners and one for greater specialization. For further information click here.  

My advice is to enroll, participate, because getting into this sector is not easy but this is the right moment to do it. 

The fur sector is the future! 

I know many furriers that follow my blog will think I’m crazy writing something like that but I am telling the truth. 

Today there are not a lot of really specialized people. 

This university started to create the new  generation of sector professionals.  

There is a lack of young professionals. In fact, they are practically non-existant. If I had to estimate how many people of my age I know that work in the sector and have studied, I think they are not more than 10%.

If the fur sector is in crisis it’s due to the fact that it is managed by old entrepreneurs that have not been able to renew themselves and open up to the digital world and the requests of companies and final clients. 

You are the future and the hope for the continuation of this sector. 

What I am affirming is the honest truth, just look at the adverts you can find on the most famous job search site: FASHION JOBS.

Every morning I read adverts from TOP BRANDS like HERMES, PRADA etc.. that are desperately looking for sector professionals. PROFESSIONALS.

To become real professionals in this sectoryou need to study, get your hands dirty, try to understand the sector from the beginning as a whole and then specialize in a profession.  

The most common and banal profession is that of Fur Fashion Designer. Most students that write to me ask me how to become a fur designer. 

Just let me give you some unbiased advice: don’t aim to become just a Fur Designer. There are many other interesting jobs like becoming Fur Broker, working in auction houses, working in the marketing of the fur sector, working as fur brand manager in fashion houses, opening a fur shop online and many other more manual jobs like working with skins or working in tanneries. 

For example I am looking for new resources to employ but I can’t find anyone who has studied or worked enough to join my team. 

The crisis? Well! If you prepare and study to become real professionals in this sector you will never hear the crisis mentioned, quite the opposite…There is a gap that needs to be filled and this school gives you the possibility to learn a job that is demanded all over the world. Above all in the fashion capitals and in Asia. 

I love traveling and thanks to this work I have been all over the world and I keep discovering incredible places and relating to new companies that enrich me culturally and in many other ways. 


The team of Centria is of expert teachers that will also be assisted by many international professionals and designers from the fur trade and other industries. The mentor and design director Basil Kardasis from Royal College of Art, London, will also be instructing.

To get more information click here or contact directly  Pia: pia.blomstrom@centria.fi  Phone: +358 (0)50 3368746 

 Fashion photos situations Kasper Dalkarl

Campus Photos And Sirpa Luoma


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