Saga Furs Experience

Saga Furs – what I have shown in the video but in greater depth. 

Saga Furs has refurbished the auction room. Now the auction room is full of light, with light tones, Finnish and Nordic style, with more then 20% capability to accommodate auction customers, everything is more modern.

My experience in Saga Furs

Now let me tell you about my experience that began with a meeting with Julio Suarez Christiansen, business manager of Saga Furs, a meeting that took place in the auction room right in the height of the auction that is when they were selling the Blue Foxes, the most important skins of the fur auction.

We were on the second day of the auction and despite the crisis the Russian market Saga Furs sold foxes well to the Italian and French markets and blue foxes very well to the Chinese market.

Julio Suarez Christiansen accompanied me in the first part of my experience explaining to me how the auction works.

At this point I feel obliged to say a few words about my companion.

Saga Furs: Julio Suarez Christiansen

Julio Suarez Christiansen who is Spanish origin, has served his 25-year career in various roles, which have allowed him to have a global vision of the sector. In his current position as business manager he takes care of the Spanish, Greek and Turkish markets he is not limited to the commercial part but as well as taking care of farms and fur skins. He is also one of the auctioneers.

When I asked how to become auctioneer he explained to me that none of them is only a auctioneer because the term is not a real “job title” and to hold the post you must be involved and employed at 360 degrees in everything related to farms, skins, the market as well as be familiar with the customers and the demand and supply.

How does the Saga Furs auction work?

The Finland Furs auction is directed by the auctioneer in charge of communicating the starting price of the lot of skins and watching the raised hands of brokers. His is a work of high responsibility as the auctioneer is the one who generates the business.

Behind him, as you can see, there is a large screen on which appears the lot of skins, the starting price and the final price of what has been sold.

All brokers have a catalog with the numbers of lots of skins, in the days before the auction, brokers inspect the lot of skin marking on the catalog numbers of the lots that they will try to buy at the auction.

The atmosphere is full of adrenaline and very competitive because obviously it often happens that  brokers want to buy the same lot of skins. The auctioneer is supported in his work by 4 other spotters that help him follow all the raised hands of brokers. The auction begins at 7:30 am to finish at 19 or up to 20 in the evening. The one I attended I ended at 22 because there were still so many skins to sell.

In the next post I’ll tell you how the inspection room works, my favorite room of Saga Furs rich of fabulous skins.

SAGA FURS and Lady Fur (me) <3

PS – Saga Furs 2015: I feel great in 2015 but what most impresses me is the fact that I have formed such an important with Saga Furs. I dreamed for days and nights of reaching Saga Furs, discovering that so elite world, almost secret, little communicated, but at the same time international, in  Finland that country that I have always wanted to visit.

But who knows me knows that my passion and my weakness are skins, foxes, minks and I wanted, I wanted and I repeat and I wanted at all costs to get to Saga Furs to learn more about this reality, find out what it the inspection room was, knowing the big team, to understand how it worked auction. And I did it! Saga Furs in three years have allowed me all this. To see all post about Saga Furs



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