Interview with Kelli McGuinness new young designer

Lady Fur: Tell us about you, how old are you? Where were you born? Where do you live ?

Kelli McGuinness: I am a Fashion Design BA (HONS) Graduate, I’m 23 years old and born in Sutton Coldfield in the Midlands in the UK. I am currently living in Tamworth but will soon be moving down to London.

LF: After having studied fashion design at De Montfort University, you created your first collection rich of fur coats. What did inspire you?

KMG: As a designer I love mixing textures and tactile fabrics. In my collection I combined the use on Mongolian Sheepskin with Lamb Nappa Leather and vibrant knit. My inspiration for these pieces came from the idea of combining unusual fabrics and letting them work together to create interesting and desirable garments. The title of my collection, ‘Wired’ plays on the idea of the internal circuit boards of computing and the layers that work together entwining with each other creating an on going visual.

LF: Describe your collection’s fabric and colours.

KMG: In my graduating collection ‘Wired’, I used a a combination of vibrant fabrics and colours. I combined knitwear with fur and leather. I used performance fabrics and plastic lacing weaving through my knitwear. My colours range from Lime green to bright oranges and yellows. A continuing theme throughout my collection was using sportswear trims, giving my knitted garments an edge and fun aesthetic.

LF: Why do you decided to use fur? Do you have a particular passion for fur and leather?

KMG: In my work I enjoy experimenting with fabrics with unique and interesting textures and pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with them. I think the use of fur in a collections brings it to life! It is a unique and luxurious fabric that can be used in fun and quirky ways! I love finding new ways of using fur, using it in a unique and diverse way.

LF: Which are the difficulties a young designer meet to emerge ?

KMG: I think it is always difficult for new designers to make it in the industry. I believe in my collection and as my ideas as a designer, I think exposure is the key! At the moment I have a few new projects to be working on whilst trying to expose my collection to the world of fashion!

LF: What are your future plans ?

KMG: I plan to make the move down to London, maybe open a small boutique on Brick Lane and let me work grow.

LF: What do you like to do in your free time?

KMG: I love fashion, photography and reading. If I haven’t got my sewing machine out I’ve got my head stuck in a ID magazine or in an interesting biography on inspirational women!

LF: Quite apart from fashion, which are your passions?

KMG: I love photography, I’m constantly researching through fashion magazines. In my free time, capturing moments that interest me, or visuals which inspire me!

LF: Where can we follow you? FB, TWITTER, LINKEDIN…

KMG: On Facebook and Twitter



Thanks Kelli

xoxo Miao Miao Lady Fur

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