Fur head and tail. Good Idea or bad idea?

Dear Fur lovers

I’m so happy about the Marc Jacobs Fall Winter collection. Marc used the head and tail of the fox and mink just as I did.

When I showed my capsule collection (with many furs having the head and tail) to my friends and family, most of them attacked me, asking me how I could be so crazy to use the head of the animals. This negative reaction was surprising to me and made me upset. Why I can’t use the head of the fox?

I value the whole animal. The beauty of an animal is not simply one part but its entirety. I don’t want to waste any part of the animal.
Furriers usde to work with only a part of the fur animal depending on their need. For example, they sometimes use only the stomach or back of the animal but never the head or tail.

Many people think that my capsule collection is a way of provoking the Peta association and people against fur. This is not true.

People that love to wear fur also love animals and so why wouldn’t they want to see the head or the tail?

Please think about plush toys. When you were a child, you wanted the peluche to be soft, friendly, and complete with head and tail included …The whole animal, not just the back …Because you loved the beauty of the animal.

For this reason I want to see the beautiful head and tail on the furs in my collection. They are like peluche but instead real and in this way we can also defuse this deep and dark argument.

Finally, in fur trends there is something new. Yes every year there is a new way of finishing the colors of the fur but I REALLY THINK THAT DEISGNERS USE ONLY THE 30% OF THE POWER OF FUR.

Fur is a material that is very flexible... We can really transform it in whatever we want. The finishing possibilities that we can do with furs are infinite…

I think also that using the whole animal including tail, head and legs is good because in this way the new generation will see this business with a new perspective…

What do you think?
Do you think it is right that we don’t use the whole animal, hiding the fact that were are using actual animals to make fur coats?

XOXOX Miao Miao
Lady Fur

Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 www.vogue.com



Lady Fur Fur Luxury Capsule Collection Fall winter 2013



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