Carlo Ramello furs in Milan. The event

Last week before leaving for the Sojuzpushnina auction in St. Petersburg, I went to the event of Carlo Ramello furs luxury Italian brand with stores in Monte Carlo and San Remo.

Carlo Ramello furs is the brand of the companion of my mother, the one who introduced me to the world of fur.

The event

The event consisted of the presentation of the fur collection in a very elegant restaurant in Milan, Fiori Oscuri, located in one of the most artistic areas of the city, Brera.
Three days full of comings and goings, when the loyal customers of the fur brand Carlo Ramello furs travelled to the event.
I have always loved watching the customers of Carlo buying furs. It is not an operation of two minutes but hours. First they take a coffee, then they see the collection, then they take another coffee, exchanging small talk then they try some furs again, go for a ride and then return again then buy.
The relationship between the furrier and the customer is something special. Very special. It  has always fascinated me.
Despite the frightening economic crisis fortunately the event went just fine.

But let’s talk about more serious things CARLO RAMELLO’S FUR.

As I arrived I showed off my vision and I tried all furs (expressing my views is not always welcome) =)
There was fur chinchilla, mink fur coats, fox fur coat, fur coat lynx, sable fur coat, vests and inlaid.
In photos I’m wearing a lynx-blue fur coat. I wanted to take it with me to Saint Petersburg  but unfortunately it was sold.
I took the photo leaning against the abstract framework of restaurant Fiori Oscuri.
This week I will go to Monte Carlo in the shop of Carlo Ramello to try some sable fur coats with the hope that my mom give me one for Christmas  =)
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Happy Happy Christmas
Love you
Lady Fur


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