Oh by Kopenhagen Fur

Oh by Kopenhagen fur is one of the most present brands in my wardrobe dedicated to fur. I love it.

Oh by Kopenhagen Fur is a Danish brand of accessories in fur that is really famous in Scandinavian countries. The furs of Oh! by Kopenhagen fur are the best on the market, they are sold in many shops and online sales are through the roof. Sorry if I don’t continue describing what OH! is step by step, but if there is one thing I don’t like it’s reviewing brands “magazine advertising style”. I have summed up the most important things in a few words.

Visit the Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur website and you will find all the information.

oh by kopenhagen fur lady fur picture


I like Oh by Kopenhagen Fur. I don’t love just this brand’s collection but also their Instagram. I often use it as inspiration. Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur Instagram (click here to see it) and here below is a screenshot. Forgive the repetition, I like it, I like it, I like it.

oh by kopenhagen fur dress
Lady Fur (me) wearing oh! Kopenhagen Fur total look In Shanghai

Moreover I must admit that I also love the team di Oh by Kopenhagen Fur that I had the pleasure of meeting in Copenhagen and if that were not enough they are all even beautiful. The director of Oh! looks like Ken, Barbie’s fiance (I say “fiance” because as everyone knows Barbie never married). Then the designers all seem like models and needless to say they are all super talented. The Oh! team works in a super beautiful building in the centre of Copenhagen. It is said that the Danes are a little bit “cold”: it’s true they are a little, but their way of working is more than fascinating. On the first floor of the building there is a kitchen where they all eat together at lunchtime “Italian family” style. Then there is a floor for marketing and one for design where pieces are produced and made up.

The building is old, furnished with furniture lined with amazing fur. In the past I have done some shootings click here to see some. Every time I go to Copenhagen I always ask permission to shoot in the HQ of Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur. Now it has become an obligatory stop.

lady fur wearing oh by kopenhagen fur dress
The Chinese were not enthusiastic about my idea to shoot on my motorbike but we were very quick.

Oh by Kopenhagen Fur my wardrobe

In my wardrobe, the one dedicated to furs, that will soon become a room because there is no more space, I count:

  • the keychain by oh by Kopenhagen Fur in the shape of a bird
  • the keychain with pendant-monster to attach to a bag
  • a bucket shaped bag in mink fur, with rainbow shades bordered with gold coloured fur
  • an amazing pink mink shopping bag
  • a t-shirt with mink fur inlay
  • the trousers that you see in the photos made in seal
  • a fun owl shaped bag

There are many things that I will avoid describing for fear of being kidnapped. Joking aside I not only have various alarms but also a super trained dog.

In Spring I take everything to fridge storage to keep my beloved furs cool.

lady fur with fur apparel of kopenhagen fur
Love this photos (all photos by Mattia Guolo)

Here below are the details in case you are interested in Oh by Kopenhagen fur shop and are attracted by shopaholics like me (I hope you are not):

web site: ohbykopenhagenfur.com

oh by kopenhagen fur  instagram: instagram.com/ohbykopenhagenfur/

Oh by kopenhagen fur webShop Online: ohbykopenhagenfur.com/shop

Second super coll shop online Furbazaar: furbazaar.com/collections/fur-accessories

Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur the cool advert (when I saw it in the airport I stopped several times to admire it) click here

oh by kopenhagen fur by lady fur
Lady Fur
black seal pant by kopenhagen fur
seal pants

In these photos I am in Shanghai for the Shanghai Fashion Week. Did you watch the video made of for Elle Italy CLICK HERE?

I am wearing a total outfit di Oh by Kopenhagen Fur composed of seal fur trousers, a t-shirt with fur inlay and shoes with precious stones by Daniela Gonzales.

oh by kopenhagen fur dress worn by lady fur


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