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The wonderful world of Snobby Sheep (and its natural and sustainable materials)

I’m writing this post while sitting inside the Vigilius Mountain Resort, one of the most beautiful resorts in the world and which has won several awards for its sustainability. 

Speaking of sustainability, I assume you have already seen on my Instagram account that I’m often wearing Snobby Sheep items.

Today I would like to tell you a little bit more about this brand and the reasons why it immediately became one of my favorite brands. 

Snobby Sheep uses mainly natural materials such as cashmere, linen and Yak wool, a very precious and very important animal for the environment.

It is important for me to promote the sustainability of super-ethical collections like those of this brand, and my advice for you is to do the same.

Conscious choices are always the best choices because they both reward you (isn’t it beautiful to make “the right choice”? It always makes me feel so good!) and the work of all the wonderful companies that are committed to working in an ethical way. And, above all, they are the best choices for the health and longevity of the environment that surrounds us and in which we live in. The environment, such a precious ally but also so delicate, and that must be protected by everyone! Both by manufacturers and consumers.

I love Snobby Sheep because it is a sustainable brand that focuses its mission and its way of doing fashion on concepts such as “Italian creativity”, “value of doing” and, indeed, sustainability. It is an Italian company that has decided to devote itself to the search for qualitative yarns, by going to select them directly in their land of origin, and this makes them able to reach very high quality standards.

In addition to this, it is a company that supports ethical and ecological values that are too often forgotten by those who have the sole interest to produce produce produce, without thinking about how to best exploit (and respect) the resources available and, finally, also the final consumer.

The consumer, who has the right to know in which way and using which materials what he’s wearing is made, just as he should have the right and the possibility to choose to wear garments that not only are beautiful but that are also “good”.

When it comes to fashion, choosing to use sustainable materials, unfortunately, may be considered quite an “unexpected” move. Indeed, sometimes it may even seem a brave move, especially in a context in which many companies (even the biggest brands) are going the opposite direction. This is why it is so important to be aware of things really are and, if possible, to support the brands that act properly.

I would love to wear only sustainable brands, but unfortunately, there are not so many. Choosing (and wanting) to be coherent with oneself, with one’s own ideas and values (which in my case are both personal and professional values) is often a hard task that the fashion world makes even more difficult.

Luckily there are brands like Snobby Sheep, which for me was a great discovery. 

I love the winter season a lot, even with its thousand challenges, such as cold weather, windy days, the snow. But I love it exactly because of this: because it allows me to fully express my creativity when it comes to creating my outfits – for personal or for professional needs.

But to do that, I need to be able to count on the right allies.

My search for ethical and sustainable brands never stops. When I meet one, I cannot help but try it on my own skin, to discover its story and the way in which its garments are made.

Now that I have found this beautiful brand I’m going to keep wearing it a lot: for example, its wonderful Yak wool sweaters which I have learned to love and that are absolutely my favourite clothes. 

About the fur is of Christian Ghielmetti 

And here are some photos wearing a Snobby Sheep shirt (that’s completely biodegradable!) in Doha.

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