Saga Furs day 2 Mink Coat

I want to share with you the second fur look (amazing mink coat) of my experiences in Saga Furs in Helsinki.

In the photos I’m  wearing a mink coat inlaid with geometric designs and python sleeves made in the design center of Saga Furs, (I spoke about it in the past) and right about this I have BIG news: soon I will create the video of my experience in the Saga Furs Design Center located in northern Denmark. Click here

I am writing this post from Helsinki airport, I’m coming to Milan = ( Smiley sad because I have been very happy with Rebecca and the whole team of Saga Furs.

I have spent unforgettable days and learned many new things about my LOVELY FUR SECTOR that soon, in the next post I will share with you with photos and a video (the video will be a BOMB =)=)=)

– New Working techniques in mink and fox (I will share some CRAZY techniques)

– Some Info on mutations of foxes, minks and on finracoon

– Fur Sector in Asia

 Moi Moi Saga Furs =)=)

Helsinki see you soon.

saga furs 2015

Don’t miss my first day in Saga Furs click here 

Lady Fur Looks

Saga Furs fur

Pants leg of Zara

Eyewear : Oakley

Pollini shoes Made in Italy

T-shirt on Grazia Shop

Make up and hair  Clarissa Jaarni

Photo Azzurra Piccardi


Salon Noir Helsinki the same as 2 years ago…. do you remember it? and Scandic Hotel


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