Lady Fur in mink coat for Monica Bellucci

Hi Fur Lovers,

How are you?

Do you like my mink fur coat and hat?

In these days I’m super busy and stressed as I’m organizing the selling campaign, I mean, “THE FIRST SELLING CAMPAIGN of my life”, for my fur luxury capsule collection.

Everything is complicated because it’s the first time, but however we are doing good. I built a good team, we are like a war machine and we work 24/7!!!

The plans for the selling campaign are: Milan, Paris, Mifur and various fairs. Cross your fingers for me and touch your fur while thinking of me, in this way you will send me the right and positive energies.






I’m not uploading a lot of photos before I solve my eye problem. =)

In these pictures I’m in Milano at Monica Bellucci’s event in the Dolce&Gabbana shop.

Every time I go to the Dolce & Gabbana shop, I remain enchanted due to all the beautiful dresses and accessories I see, the pre-collection is pretty fantastic …I need to earn a lot of money, because I want to buy the whole collection, or maybe I can find a rich boyfriend with a beautiful white horse and blue eyes …

I went to the event with my Russian friend Bambola Russa she is in the photos next to me.

She is a fur lover like me, everyday she wears a fur coat.

At the event I saw a lot of people wearing fur coats in fox and mink.

I saw Monica Bellucci just for a few minutes because there were too many people… #ANXIETY

She is a real diva, very beautiful.



For the event, I wore my mink fur coat that for those of you who have been following me this past year, have already seen quite a bit, (it is my favorite because I can wear it to a lot of occasions), and a mink hat from Carlo Ramello.

Miao Miao

Lady Fur

Fur Mink Coat: Carlo Ramello

Necklace: Radà

Dress: Asos

Fur Mink Hat: Carlo Ramello

Fur Shoes: Ter Et Bantine

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