Kopenhagen Fur show The fur fairy tale fashion collection

Kopenhagen fur show: Fur Coats with new techniques never seen before. Super creative and fashion. I think that this collection represents the next trend in this sector.

The most important day of Beijing Fashion Week, I was at the Kopenhagen fur show held  in central hall of 751 D•PARK Art District in Beijing on October 26 2014.  The theme of the show was  FAIRY TALE FASHION but I prefer to nickname it “ THE FUR FARY TALE FASHION

The show was gorgeous, the designers Birger Christensen,  Lu Lu Liu, Qi Gang , Kopenhagen Fur Studio   interpreted the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Princess on the Pea”, “The Little Prince”, “Tom Thumb” and “The Nightingale””The Little Mermaid”

In my opinion the fur collections in the kopenhagen fur show had the right balance between creativity, innovation and marketing sales.

Among the many amazing new fur techniques  that I liked  most is definitely the one created by Lu Lu Liu shown below (the green mink represented The Little Mermaid )

It was a really exciting day because I had the opportunity to meet many people that I had not seen for a long time.

I finally met Liu Lu Lu. I cannot even describe my excitement …

I met the team of Kopenhagen Fur and Kick

Kopenhagen Fur show attracted more than 70 fashion designers and brands from all over the word (Russia, London, Denmark, Italy, Asia and many other European countries) and celebrated Chinese brands, such as Beautyberry, NE TIGER, Galatea, Zeng Feng Fei, Shenbai Peng Jing and Aimer among others.

Below I share with you the backstage photos of the fur fashion Show and the D-Park

Soon I will share the video of the who on elle.it and on my blog.

Stay tuned


Photos : Davide Micciulla

Show : Kopenhagen Fur

I wear a beautiful python jacket by Vladimiro Gioia 


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