DORA ABODI: Warrior in leather


DORA ABODI: Warrior in leather


A collection rich of leather inserts, it  is the one signed by Dora Abodi, a young Hungarian fashion designer, native of Transylvania that, with her FW 2013-2014 collection, brings us inside her forests as warriors, dressed in leather and clutches with unicorn twins at hand, the heraldic symbol of the fashion house.

The key words are: innovation and experimentation.

The geometric shapes are angular and combined with each other, the tailoring lines are innovative, the colors are bright and mixed with the use of leather and damasks whose shape and graphics refer to Christian rites and Vatican. Fellini and his Ecclesiastical Fashion Show in the movie “Roma” are in fact a clear inspiration of the collection.


Leitmotif in Dora Abodi FW 2013-2014 is the leather, either smooth, metallic or studded, it is definitely the preferred material in the collection, the oufits are winning, full of identity and easily combinable with each other, they are items that intrigue and break the conventional use of materials and shapes.

The accessories are: high metallic leather boots, long gloves and jewelery bags.

The woman Dora Abodi is pure style and grit, a modern warrior between  sacred and profane, tradition and innovation.

And you? Which look do you prefer?

Francesca Fausti


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  • I like her hardline look, she hasn't pulled back and my fave is the gold skirt with leather ringed top and high leather boots. To truly give a warrior look and bring out hat primal urge, I would add mink in full pelts with the heads and legs, tails and adorn them with the mettalic accents she has on the clothes to bring the warrior and the hunter together.

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