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Do you remember my last post about Arsenicum ? Click here  He is one of my favorite young designers .


Here the interview with Dmitry Loginov.

How do you define yourself?

Clothing Arsenicum by Dmitry Loginov – it’s always the idea, which is subject to these clothes. It contains details that can tell you about where you can tell. aesthetics of the brand can be described as “dramatic intelectual chic

Tell me about your last collection 

As the theme of the previous collections, this just based on personal experience designer. Frequent flights and attitudes, myths, and the state in which they are surrounded, influenced the choice of stories to be told on the show. If in the past, the spring-summer collection, Dmitry Loginov dressed lady invented them out of Hitchcock of New York of the 1950s, today it has created a wardrobe for the modern business traveler imaginary, which moves only aircraft “Concorde“. As you know, the zenith of the miracle of human intelligence and strict synonym of beauty comes at a time – between the 1970s and 1990s. Reflections of a bygone era of great hope and faith in the future supersonic, as well as the aura of grandeur, luxury and privilege, hearsay and mysterious stories that accompanied the aircraft, found consonance with the horror of the real disaster was witnessed by one designer.

Futuristic technology, comfort and versatility of a wardrobe, the fuselage skin, the deformation of materials, contrast strength and lightness, gloss aluminum aerophobia, change the oil crisis in 1973, ozone – all of this was embodied in a logical and seamless film, which will be presented to a traditional brand melancholic style.

Who is your muse? If you have one?

My Muse – is extraordinary beautiful people. that is, for me they are – very interesting, for others they may be “strange” appearance. And often I actually am a muse to myself)

Tell about the video of your collection (I love it)

Hitchyork. part 2. Birds, I can say that I was inspired by the beauty of the Russian modelsMary  Kirsanova and Anastasia Shershen which is very harmonious looked in my clothes, most emphasized the idea of a collection of shapes, silhouettes and mood. The collection is largely inspired by the film Hochkoka “The Birds” and, therefore, in his video, I also wanted to achieve a sense of suspense and a sense of danger, so no blood has not done)

What are your goals?

I would like to sell their clothes in the best concept stores in the world, I want to be able to – both material and creative – do each season of the show, which will surprise the viewer and bring emotion into his life.

Where we can buy your collections?

Now we are just preparing to enter the international market – negotiating with shops, vystrivaem their schedules on the international calendar – in Russia all the time late in the month 2-3.

What do you think about the fur industry?

I’m from Siberia. and it is cold. I treat fur as a material, which warms and brightens. But at the same time I understand the moral side of this issue, and this dilemma can not be solved uniquely for different regions of the world. I think it’s a personal decision to wear fur or not, just like every man for himself, he decides to eat meat or not. I am for self-determination among mature individuals.

What do you do in your free time?

I communicate with my friends, of course. If talking about a long time, then – travel, experiences, new cities and experience. I’m glad that I have such an opportunity and I can then share their experiences through their art. all this is my dream – to live in different cities, recognizing them gradually, as if choosing a location for the next incarnation! )


These are some of my favorites piece   If you want see more photos click here

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