Aurora is my muse


Aurora is my muse. Yes, her, the beautiful and sweet princess of,  the film remake of the Disney Classic “Sleeping Beauty” that comes out in Italian cinemas on 28 May. Who hasn’t dreamt of being the beautiful heroine of this magic fairy tale? I have, thousands of Times.

And ever since I saw her in that film, SHE has been my inspiration for some of my looks like in this photo.


Aurora’s style is romantic,  elegant, soft, light, enchanting, feminine and candid: she is the trend that has literally won me over this year.

In the photo I am wearing an outfit with a tight waist and frilled skirt that goes down to the knees, a gold coloured crown of leaves like the princess, wavy hair, big at the roots, soft make up with shades of white and pink.

I see myself in her romantic spirit.

And you, who do you see yourself in?

In the sweet Aurora or are you attracted by the dark charm of Malefica played by Angelina Jolie ?

I really can’t resist participating in this contest. Fact: I uploaded my look and who knows, I could even win!

For who still hasn’t seen the trailer of the film you can find it below.

Tic tac tic tac: the 28th is approaching I can’t wait!!  


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