New video: Get the look of Lady Fur

Hi Fur lovers,

(This is not the sequel of my latest video… )

Here is a tutorial video to get my look, or better the Lady Fur’s.

You need: hairpins, hair spray, hairbrush, fine-tooth comb and ears in real fur.


Divide your hair into two parts. Manage the wisps of each side to create two triangles. Tease the hair with the fine-toothed comb.

Roll up the wisps clockwise and pin them down with hairpins to create triangle upon your ears.

Take the cat-girl’s ears and fix them with hairpins.

If you have real fur you can create your cat-ears by yourself. Mink, lapin, zibeline and Persian swakara are perfect to be managed thanks to their medium/short hair. Longer hair such as fox, chinchilla and orilag are more difficult to be handled .

If you prefer, you can buy your cat-ears directly on my online shop, where they will be available very soon.

After this, you just have to wear your fur coat and that’s it.

In this video, I wear a chinchilla fur by Carlo Ramello and cat ears created by myself.


Miao Miao

Lady Fur

Video: Author Lady Fur

Production: Stefano De Lorenzi and Paola Paschetta



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