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I control my mind, I make difficult choices, I set myself big objectives, I always think of how to be more productive, invoice, resolve problems…doing this I have noticed some changes in me, or rather that I have lost my spontaneity, my vivacity and creativity. Being an entrepreneur is difficult, you may take the wrong road or temporarily lose balance.

So, I went to Monte Carlo with my friends, I rested and enjoyed myself for three days. I didn’t disconnect completely because it’s nearly impossible for me but I recharged my batteries, today I feel stronger, charged, I got closer to my centre because I listened to my soul. 

This weekend I did the things that I like most, I was with my friends, I meditated under the sun, I did sport and I had dinner with my mother and sister who unfortunately I don’t see often in Sanremo. Every time I am with them I feel reborn, like a flower that buds and blossoms.

In my mother’s shop I tried on loads of furs that always give me positive energy.

I will soon return to Monaco for a special project linked to my collection.

On June 28 I will present the collection during a special elite event in Monte Carlo. Details soon.



Lady Fur

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