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Martin Bady Imagine Talents

I had the pleasure to interview Martin Bady, young future fur designer who participated in Imagine Talents project of Kopenhagen Fur.

Please Click here to see the video of Imagine Talents and to read the first post of this incredible experience.

Interview to Martin Bady

LF:Who are you?

MB:Martin, 24yrs old from the suburbs of Paris, preparing my final exam : my own men’s collection, with our fashion show in May 2015, in Atelier Chardon Savard School.

LF:Tell me about your experience with Kopenhagen Fur in Copenhagen  ( Fashion show, museum, dinner, free time)

MB:About Kopenhagen Fur : Very lucky to meet all the students from all over the world, specially the Danish and Japanese, awesome people. It was very rewarding to share our life experience. About Kopenhagen Fur, the team was just perfect with us, it was amazing to be considered as a professional and not only as a student. The organization was perfect, very professional, and permitted us to discover what we are supposed to do in a few years, just awesome, i want more !

LF:Tell me about your inspiration and creation

MB: Inspiration & Creation : In fact, my silhouette is part of my collection coming in May 2015. It takes its inspiration from the aesthetics of James Thiérrée’s last play “Tabac Rouge” with the special ashes treatment effect on the leather, as well as Robert Mapplethorpe’s photos in which he personifies his statues. From these statues there is a direct link to Ancient Rome, especially the Augustus Era and military dress which inspires my garments.

That why you could find some molding on the back of the aviator jacket. The culotte-shirt, come from the military skirt of Ancients Rome, with burned linen. About the top, it’s hand knit, with lurex elasthane and wool, and thanks to a pattern, i created a ravaged effect. The silhouette in general, gives us a collapse effect, linking with the fall of Rome Empire.

-LF:What is your dream job ?

MB:Dream Job : Launch my own “haute couture” brand for men.

LF: What do you do you in your free time?

MB:Free Time : I work very hard, and spend my free time with my very talented girlfriend who is a fashion designer too. I usually ride on my old Royal Enfield (motorcycle) to have a feel of freedom which is very helpful in our way of life. And I spend the rest with my music band TMCN, we will release our second EP in a few months.

-LF:What are your next plans?

MB:Next Plans : Finish my collection, continue to collaborate with competent people to share the savoir-faire. The next one is with the Dassault System group, I will design some Bags with the 3D print technic, i’m very excited about that. You will see at the fashion show in May at le Cirque d’hiver in Paris. And to finish, after i would like to try the Hyères’s Festival next year.

=) Lady Fur

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